Selecting A Dux Hot Water System

Selecting A Dux Hot Water System

Choosing From Array of  Dux Hot Water System Products

It is a well-known fact that the cost of energy bills is on the rise. This being the case, solar hot water systems installations as well as being environmentally friendly goes a long way in cushioning you against these high energy costs.

Dux hot water systems

Dux is a company that has been operating in the hot water heater industry since 1915. It has a strong brand name for their efficient and reliable water heater systems. Their hot water heater models cover a wide range and are all environmentally friendly, designed with a patented and unique technology.

The ‘Hot logic’ control unit in their heat pump and Dux solar systems at all times monitors and makes changes to go along with the weather changes. This leads to lower energy costs and carbon emissions. The company is well recognized by the Australian government as among the leading companies producing the best environmental friendly heaters. It has received the most awards ahead of other players in the hot water heaters industry. Their products are suitable choices for all in Australia and the wider international market.

Factors determining choice of a hot water system

There are a number of considerations to be made before selecting any type of a water system. Some of these include:

• The size of your family/household and the hot water delivery requirements.
• The weather patterns of your particular locality and the available energy sources such as natural gas, LPG, electricity and Solar energy sources such as the amount of sunlight.
• The available budget

The nature of the building and where the system will be located i.e. outside or inside your home building. You have to consider whether you have enough north facing installation area for the solar collectors.

Types of domestic hot water-systems include:

• Electric Storage tanks, Heat pumps and Electric Boosted Solar. These are the major typical systems for home installations where there is no natural gas access.
• Gas Storage tanks, Gas boosted solar and Gas Continuous Flow. The typical systems where natural gas is available in plenty

The choices you make all depend on what you want to achieve such as:

• You are looking at environmental issues and you want to achieve reduced carbon emissions. A solar water heater will work best for you.

• You are looking at the weather patterns in your region. If the weather is cloudy or the demand for hot water is high, solar panels are supplemented with electric or gas boosters.

• The building you live in might not have a suitable roof area for proper orientation or for solar collector’s installation. It is then better to go for a heat pump heater which is a good alternative to the old conventional external electric heaters.

In case your property has reticulated mains-natural gas available, you then need to think of a continuous flow water-heater or a high-efficiency gas-storage. These will be easy to install for your professional plumber. Please be aware that gas hot water applications installed on bottled LPG are susceptible to running very high costs even ranging from $700-$900 a year. It, therefore, means that although the upfront cost is lower for gas systems, the solar system will be the preferable option in the long run.

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