Instant Electric Hot Water System

Instant Electric Hot Water System

With the increase in the number of people looking to save electricity, there has been an increase in demand for alternatives to hot water systems.

An instant electric hot water system will provide the home with heated water on demand.

Instant Electric Hot Water System can provide the heated water needed for washing hands or drinking 24 hours a day. There is no cylinder required for this water.

This will allow a person to save energy since a small amount of hot water is used.

Difference Between A Boiler And An Instant Electric Hot Water System


A boiler will be able to heat a large amount of water for use by the entire household. This water is used as part of the heating system and for bathing.

A water heater will provide hot water instantly from a cold water supply and is not suitable for heating the entire home. This type of heater can be used for drinking water.

Unvented Water Heater

This hot water heating system will use water from the main water supply and a tank is not needed for this system. These water heaters offer higher pressure, high flow rates, and a balanced hot and cold water supply. They can be used where water is needed in several rooms of the home including the kitchen and the washroom.

These Instant Electric Hot Water System can also be used for purposes such as washing dishes. They can be placed just about anywhere in the home and do not take up a lot of space. The water heaters are commonly placed under or over the sink.

Vented Water Heaters

These water heaters are also known as Point of Use Water Heaters. They are installed around the sink and use a trap to switch in hot water with the cold water supply. The heat will be vented.

Electric Water Heater

These Instant Electric Hot Water System are easy to install but should still be put in by professionals. They are clean and economical as well.

Accessories for Water Heaters

When adding an unvented water heater to the home the right accessories will make all the difference. Accessories will help make sure the water heater is installed correctly and will operate in a safe manner. A stop valve may be needed to expand the cold water main. A check valve and a water meter is also needed to make sure everything is fitted properly. It is important to know the incoming water pressure before installing any water heater.

There are a number of different accessory packs for the hot water heater. The pack needed will vary based on the heating requirements. The professionals at Anytime Hot Water will be able to recommend the right pack for the specific hot water heater.

There are some general items that are included in water heater accessory packs that include a water heater counter stand, a spout, heater valves, an expansion kit, a telescopic flue, a combined pressure reducing value and strainers, a 7-day digital programmer, an extra tap kit, and a water heater inline filter.

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