Gas Hot Water Systems

Made of the Best Materials, Tough, Adaptable

Vulcan gas hot water systems were originally designed for single family domestic uses. It is used for heating potable water and using it for other applications other than these limits its durability.

Gas Domestic Outdoor Water Heater

The Vulcan® Freeloader® 4, 648 series 4 Star gas water heater models are suitably made for outdoor installation only. In this model, the vitreous enamel cylinder lined with steel is what we use for water storage. Heat from the banner is transmitted to the water through the base of the cylinder. The heat transmission process is enhanced by the flue passing through the center of the cylinder.

The main purpose of this flue is to ensure that the water in the cylinder is evenly heated. Gas supply process to the banner is controlled by a thermostat that ensures a constant temperature of the water is maintained. For safety purpose, the hot water heater system is fitted with automatic safety control measures.

How Hot Should the Water be

With the adjustable thermostat, one has the chance to control the water temperature to degree Celsius that he or she needs. According to the National Plumbing Standards, the water stored in the cylinder must be below 60 degree Celsius.

Vulcan® Value

The Vulcan Gas Hot Water Systems are made of high-quality materials with great performance and is available to all customers at an affordable price. The following are reasons why Vulcan is considered to be a popular reliable choice for water heating;

a. Made of the Best Materials
The system is made of high-quality materials such as steel. This increases the systems’ durability.

b. Tough
The Vulcan water storage cylinder is made of high strength steel that increases its ability to withstand different heating water temperatures. This helps to increase its service life.

c. Adaptable
The simplicity of the Vulcan gas model is enhanced by the flue running through the center of the cylinder and the steel lining on the outside of the cylinder. This makes the model adaptable to different heating pressures.

d. Readily Available Backup
In case you need a spare part for a broken part of the system, they are available throughout the country. Look for them in the nearest plumber or electrician shop.

It is good to select a hot water heating model that will accommodate your future family changes. With time, your family will grow in size from a single family. It is therefore good to consider appliances such as the washing machines, and the dishwashers that can use the same amount of water as a single person. Give room for family additions, taking into consideration that young children will soon grow into teenagers.

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