Vulcan Hot Water System

Vulcan Hot Water System

Vulcan Hot Water System

Vulcan – Reliable Hot Water Heating

When it comes to reliable hot water heating, a Vulcan hot water system is an excellent choice. Known for providing high quality, hard-working systems at very affordable prices, they are an excellent choice for those who want a hot water unit that is made to last. All units are made from high quality materials.

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They provide both electric and gas storage water heaters, as well gas-boosted solar systems. Gas-boosted solar systems are fast becoming a very popular choice, as they are environmentally friendly and help to reduce your gas bills. Vulcan’s water storage cylinders are made from high quality steel that is able to withstand varying water temperatures and pressures, ensuring they last year in, year out.

Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repairer & Installer

Anytime Hot Water is an award winning company, and has been a VIP Vulcan hot water system installer, repairer & seller for many years.

We are very familiar with these systems, and can therefore offer a superior service. If you require any further information regarding these systems, or to have one installed, call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider: Anytime Hot Water.

The Vulcan Hot Water System Range

Vulcan Hot Water System

The following are just some of the Vulcan hot water heaters we have available. If you are looking for a specific system not listed below, call us today and speak with an expert. In most cases, we can order specific models in for our customers, and if not we are sure to have a comparable unit available.

Our Vulcan range includes:

With Top Quality Materials and Parts Engineered To Last

Does your current hot water system require replacement? In need of an electric hot water system that is suitable for a medium-sized house? The 250-litre Vulcan Electric Hot Water system has all the qualities you will require in a hot water system. For instance, it is affordable and has a durable design that is manufactured using top-quality materials and parts that have been engineered to last.

It is important noting that all hot water system are prone to damage during the heating cycle as a result of a change in temperature and pressure. However, there is one hot water storage tank that is built with high-strength steel. This is so to make sure it has the ability to withstand any potential damage and thus consistently supply you with hot water for several years. And that tank is known as Vulcan Electric hot water storage system.

The Design as Adaptable as Possible

The design for Vulcan Electric hot water storage system ensures it becomes as adaptable as possible. Furthermore, depending on the requirements of your home, you can install this hot water storage system either in the outdoor or indoor locations. Due to the requirement to meet the current industry standards, it is mandatory to install the Vulcan electric hot water system on a base that is approved or recessed within the wall cavity. Even with its large capacity of 250 litres, this tank is designed to be as compact as possible to allow for easy installation.

This 250-litre Vulcan hot water storage system can sufficiently serve medium-sized home with three to five people. In a bid to enhance your safety, you can contact a licensed tradesperson to adjust the Vulcan electric’s water temperatures to sixty degrees. Alternatively, the water temperatures in the Vulcan electric can be subjected to automatic control using a thermostat to ensure you get consistently warm water all through.

With Comprehensive Warranty Policy

In a bid to give you a peace of mind, the Vulcan 250-litre electric hot water system comes with a comprehensive warranty policy that includes a cylinder warranty of seven years, cylinder labour warranty of three years, labour and parts warranty of one year. It is an amazing deal, isn’t it?

Parts Always Readily Available

Have you ever wanted to do repairs to your current hot water system, but the repairs could not commence because you had to wait for the replacement parts to be ordered and brought in? Fortunately, the same will not happen once you install the Vulcan hot water system. Its parts, fittings are always readily available and can be easily obtained by your local trade supplier or plumber. As a result, it won’t be necessary to wait for a long time before your hot water can start running again!

The Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repair and Installation Service Provider

When talking matters about hot water, we at Anytime Hot Water understands the urgency that such jobs require. We offer one of the fastest response times you could possibly get in the industry. Thanks to our same day service – guaranteeing you a peace of mind knowing that your hot water system issues will be resolved quickly, 24/7.

We pride as an award-winning company that has been installing, repairing and selling VIP Vulcan hot water system for several years.

Anytime Hot Water has enormous experience with Vulcan 250-litre electric hot water system and, therefore, can guarantee to offer superior service. For more information about this hot water system, or any installation we have done, call the most trusted hot water system experts in Austria. Contact us to book an Anytime Hot Water plumber today! Call – 1800 633 920!

Making It The Best Choice For Household Use

Not many water-heating systems available in the market today meet the required efficiency and neither do they save you money when it comes to bills. However, the Vulcan Freeloader hot water systems that are both efficient and reliable under use.

With the current shift in lifestyle, it has necessitated that every aspect of life is done with urgency. With the increased need and use of hot water within the household on demand, this makes water-heating systems almost a paramount feature in the house.

Vulcan Freeloader 135L System

The Vulcan Freeloader 135 litre system is a local name in Australia. A medium-sized water heating system is more than capable of serving a household of up to three people comfortably at a lower cost compared to other alternatives in the market.

A product of an Australian company, Rheem making it the best choice as the company puts into consideration into localising the system to work optimally within the country’s’ climatic conditions. This has paid off as it has earned it a four-star rating in its efficiency, the highly rated water heating systems in the market.


The system also can be equipped in four modes unit of heating depending on the customers’ needs. It can be LPG heated, natural gas heated, electric heated and even a solar heated system. A hybrid system could also come in either a gas-boosted solar system, which has been a darling combination to the masses.

Thanks to its huge savings as it uses solar power from the sun to heat the water during the day. This also gives the system the eco-friendly badge as it reduces the emissions produced, as gas is combusted.

With High-Pressure Insulated Steel Tank

The system has a high-pressure insulated steel tank that can hold hot water for longer periods during the heating cycles. This helps keep heated water ready for any immediate use. It also combines the system with the innovative thermostat system that is precise enough to keep the water in the tank at 73 degrees. This helps save fuel or power bills, as a stable temperature does not require many heating cycles.

5-year Warranty For The Cylinder

The heating systems also come with a 5-year warranty for the cylinder. It a shorter warranty period that makes the system cheaper thus more affordable than the market alternatives of the same capacity. It is a reasonable sacrifice to ensure many can afford the product.

Parts Already Available Upon Purchase

The system comes ready to install with all the required parts as a single purchase. This eliminates the need to go back to a different shop to get the fittings, which is a lot of hassle.

Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repairer & Installer

Anytime Hot Water is an approved dealer of the Vulcan hot water systems. Having been working as the company’s’ partners for many years, we have emerged winners in many categories and have been recognised through a number of awards across the country.

Having worked, installed and repaired the systems over time, we have understood the systems better which allow us to provide better services to our clients.

We understand that breakdowns, much as accidents are inevitable. Moreover, we bear in mind that any repair job is always an urgent matter. Therefore, we have a 24/7 service policy to ensure that you as a client you are sorted.

Anytime Hot Water technicians also have a broad exposure to the system, you can be sure to get the first class service to any of the problems arising in any of the systems installed. We also stock parts for any repair services too to ensure that you get you services when due.

If you are searching for a company that offers hot water system repairs and replacements in Sydney and surrounding areas, call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider: Anytime Hot Water.

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Excellent Choice And Reliable Hot Water System

Perhaps no other hot water system beats the Vulcan brand as regards reliable hot water heating. One of its leading units that are available is the Vulcan Gas Boosted Solar Indirect System. Known for providing high quality, the hard-working Vulcan systems are nonetheless very affordable. This hot water system is great for those who are on the lookout for durable hot water systems. This stems from their manufacture of extremely high-quality materials.

The All-weather Frost-protected Solar Solution

• Unique ‘drain-back’ heat exchange technology that offers protection in the most extreme weather conditions.
• Compact 160-litre split system design.
• Accompanied by two solar connectors.
• 20 or the 27 litres-per-minute continuous flow gas boosting.
• Solar pump and controller that is factory-fitted and internally-housed.
• Reduces greenhouse emissions and loss of energy.

All-weather Applications

This system eliminates the risks or likelihoods of the solar panels to freeze or overheat even without power. This is made possible by the dedicated ‘Drain-back’ heat exchange design. No other competitor matches or comes even close to this system.

Compact Split System

Other than being reliable at all times, the equipment also fits just about every other available storage space. It guarantees this by reason of possessing the latest 20 and the 27 litres-per-minute flow-gas booster technology. This also ensures that you shall obtain a steady and uninterrupted supply of water at all times.

Supreme Efficiency

With all of its tank capacity readily available for solar heating, the system as a whole has a 5-star efficient gas boosting. These two jointly reduces the consumption of water by a whopping 60%!

Simpler Installation

Much of the traditional installation components of the system are fitted in the factory. In light of this, the VSi160 exudes a professional finish and is also simpler to install, on the whole.

5-year Warranty

This VSi160 is accompanied by a generous 5-year warranty. It is also safeguarded by an extensive Australia network back-up. The Vulcan® brand supplies both gas and electric storage water heaters as well as the gas-boosted solar systems. The gas-boosted solar systems are of late gaining great popularity given their environmentally-friendly nature. They are also cheaper by the virtue of reducing the gas bills.

What’s more? The Vulcan® brand of water storage cylinders is manufactured using the high-quality steel which withstands varying water temperatures and pressure. This sees to it that the tank lasts quite a long duration of time.

The Vulcan® Value

On the whole, the Vulcan brand brings along high-quality construction and top-notch performance. This is not to mention the extremely affordable prices. Other than these, the Vulcan brand is also great due to a confluence of three main factors. These are:

Excellent Construction
The brand is made of quality materials and proven technology that is great and excellent.

Tough and Strong
On the whole, the cylinder is tough and strong. This arises from the high-strength steel construction that is very tough as to effectively withstand the various water and heating cycle pressures.

Vulcan gas models have balanced steel and flue jackets. These two components simplify the installation of the model besides being more convenient to live with. This adaptability allows you to mount it easily on a wall or a recessed wall cavity.

With Back-up
If you need a spare part for your Vulcan it is good to know they are readily available across the country. Moreover, there are a host of electricians and plumbers who are always on standby to service them.

Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repairer & Installer

Anytime Hot Water is an award winning company and also engage in the VIP Vulcan hot water installation, repairs, and sales. We are way too familiar with these systems thus better placed at offering superior services.

In case you may be in need of further information concerning these systems or may wish to have one installed in your premise, call us now. We are Australia’s most trusted provider of hot water systems.

Anytime Hot Water understands that most jobs require urgent attention and response. In response to this, we do provide same-day services. We generally take the shortest duration of time to respond to the inquiries of clients in the industry. You may thus be sure of complete peace of mind and surety that your issues will be addressed promptly, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you are searching for a company that offers hot water system repairs and replacements in Sydney and surrounding areas, call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider: Anytime Hot Water. For assistance, contact us today to book an Anytime Hot Water plumber! Call – 1800 633 920!

Made of the Best Materials, Tough, Adaptable

Vulcan gas hot water systems were originally designed for single family domestic uses. It is used for heating potable water and using it for other applications other than these limits its durability.

Gas Domestic Outdoor Water Heater

The Vulcan® Freeloader® 4, 648 series 4 Star gas water heater models are suitably made for outdoor installation only. In this model, the vitreous enamel cylinder lined with steel is what we use for water storage. Heat from the banner is transmitted to the water through the base of the cylinder. The heat transmission process is enhanced by the flue passing through the center of the cylinder.

The main purpose of this flue is to ensure that the water in the cylinder is evenly heated. Gas supply process to the banner is controlled by a thermostat that ensures a constant temperature of the water is maintained. For safety purpose, the hot water heater system is fitted with automatic safety control measures.

How Hot Should the Water be

With the adjustable thermostat, one has the chance to control the water temperature to degree Celsius that he or she needs. According to the National Plumbing Standards, the water stored in the cylinder must be below 60 degree Celsius.

Vulcan® Value

The Vulcan Gas Hot Water Systems are made of high-quality materials with great performance and is available to all customers at an affordable price. The following are reasons why Vulcan is considered to be a popular reliable choice for water heating;

a. Made of the Best Materials
The system is made of high-quality materials such as steel. This increases the systems’ durability.

b. Tough
The Vulcan water storage cylinder is made of high strength steel that increases its ability to withstand different heating water temperatures. This helps to increase its service life.

c. Adaptable
The simplicity of the Vulcan gas model is enhanced by the flue running through the center of the cylinder and the steel lining on the outside of the cylinder. This makes the model adaptable to different heating pressures.

d. Readily Available Backup
In case you need a spare part for a broken part of the system, they are available throughout the country. Look for them in the nearest plumber or electrician shop.

It is good to select a hot water heating model that will accommodate your future family changes. With time, your family will grow in size from a single family. It is therefore good to consider appliances such as the washing machines, and the dishwashers that can use the same amount of water as a single person. Give room for family additions, taking into consideration that young children will soon grow into teenagers.

Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repairer and Installers

For many years, Anytime Hot Water has been the best hot water system installer, seller, and repairer. We have the best group of technicians to do the installation and repair works. For this reason, we have been an award-winning company for a long period.

Anytime Hot Water is very familiar with Vulcan Gas Hot Water Systems, and can therefore offer a superior service. If you require any further information regarding these systems, or to have one installed, call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider.

With high experience in this industry, we are able to offer high-quality services. We understand that these services need urgent attention, and for these reasons, we offer our services on the same day you place an order. Anytime Hot Water services are the fastest you can find in this industry, with an assurance that your needs will be attended to as fast as possible.

For more information about hot water heating systems, consider giving us a call. Anytime Hot Water is the most trusted Austria’s hot water system service provider, and our services give you the most amazing satisfaction. Contact us to book an Anytime Hot Water plumber today! Call – 1800 633 920!

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