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Is your hot water system on the way out? Has it ceased working completely? Don’t put up with cold showers – call Anytime Hot Water.

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For complete convenience, we carry parts for all of the leading brands.

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We understand that most emergencies can’t wait, so we offer our hot water system repair clients a reliable same day service and can provide you with an accurate quote for a hot water system repair over the phone.

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We also sell units direct to the public, providing you with the very best prices on all of the leading brands including the three big bands for Australia Dux, Rinnai, Rheem. We also specialise with other brand like Stiebel Eltron, Vulcan, Wilson, Apricus, AquaMAX, Bosch and Everhot for repairs or replacements.

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Hot Water Repair – Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Having hot water heater / system problems? If so follow the quick guide below before you call a hot water plumber for a hot water system repair or replacement.

This quick guide might just save you both headaches and money.

The guide will also give you an idea/understanding of the hot water system problem at hand.

Note this guide is electric water system specific.


You will need to know how to use a multimeter and follow all safety rules when working with electricity.  Never open hot water system access panels whilst the power on. Always check the water unit’s power to be sure its off. Don’t trust a circuit breaker label.

Use a multimeter to check an outlet that you know is working before checking inside the water heater.

This hot water systems repair troubleshooting guide is for storage tank type electric hot water heaters.

Hot Water Storage Tanks Problem – No Hot Water

  • Check the fuse box/circuit breaker
  • Check hot water system power.
  • Check hot water system reset button/limit switch.
  • Check upper thermostat.
  • Check upper element.

Hot Water System Issue – Not Enough Hot Water

  • Temperature set too low.
  • Check hot water system elements.
  • Check hot water system thermostats.
  • Check for loose wiring.
  • Is the hot water heater undersized?
  • Check water heater dip/fill tube.

Hot Water System Troubles – Water Is Too Hot

  • Adjust water heater temperature.
  • Hot water system thermostat must fit tight against the tank.
  • Check for grounded element.
  • Check thermostat function

Hot Water System Problems – Slow Hot Water Recovery

  • Adjust temperature.
  • Check thermostats.
  • Check elements.
  • Check wire connections.
  • Sediment build up on elements.

Hot Water System Trouble – Water Heater Is Noisy

  • Heat trap nipples.
  • Sediment build up on water heater elements.

Hot Water System Relief Valve Sporadically Releasing Large Amounts Of Water

  • Water too hot

Electric Hot Water System Breaker Tripping

  • Wire shorted in system
  • Grounded element.
  • Water leaking around element.
  • Grounded thermostat/limit.
  • Undersized breaker.
  • Breaker weak.

Hot Water System Leaking

  • Check all orifices on the water heater for leaks including the water heater elements.
  • If the tank itself is leaking the water heater must be replaced.


How To Find The Best Hot Water Plumber

Hot water systems problems are no joke, which means caution is needed when hiring a licensed Sydney hot water plumber

Hot water issues happen at the most inconvenient times: You wake up to find hot water pouring from a collapsed ceiling; return home after a vacation, ankle-deep in water; or discover your hot water tank is just not heating the water

It might sound sensationalist, but when your hot water unit packs it in, it is generally safe to say you automatically go into panic mode.

You search for “a local plumber near me” – whom you find either with the aid of Google or in the Yellow Pages – and hope for the best. But the trouble is – if the plumber isn’t fully licensed and affiliated with the trade association and they do a bad job up, cold water might be the least of your concerns.

Poor hot water installations and the primary need for hot water heater manufacturers to be price competitive within the market have also prompted hot water system manufacturers to be more stringent with any warranty claims.

It is important to note that a hot water heater manufacturer is within their right to void a warranty claim if the hot water system installation is non-compliant with the National Standards.

There is, however, a distinct line between product failure and failure due to poor installation.

Typical problems that arise when using non licensed hot water plumbers can include leaks, poor water pressure, bad odours from pipes and drains, flooding, damp and mould. Other more serious issues can include contamination of the drinking water, scalding and burns, the breeding of disease, and potential tank explosions.