Hot Water Repairs, Replacement & Installation in Sydney

Anytime Hot Water is a leading Hot Water Systems specialist company, with experience in repairing and replacing all types of hot water systems. 

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Hot Water Repairs, Replacement & Installation in Sydney

Anytime Hot Water is a leading Hot Water Systems specialist company, with experience repairing and replacing all types of hot water systems, we can attend to Electric, Gas and Solar Hot Water Systems, as well as the ever popular Heat Pumps.

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Type of Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water Systems still represent the majority of water heaters in residences throughout Sydney and other regions. These Electric Hot Water Systems range from the small 50 litre and even Compact 45 Litre tanks through to the largest 400 litre tanks, also available in both Single Element and Twin Element options. Twin Element Electric Hot Water Systems only start at the 160 Litre size and then are available in 250 Litre, 315 Litre and 400 Litre tank sizes. For fast replacement of these Electric Hot Water Systems, we stock all the main sizes in each of our warehouses, as well as the most popular brands such as Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan, Thermann, Dux, etc. Electric Hot Water System repairs are a service available from Anytime Hot Water 7 days a week, with our hot water repairs service vehicles carrying Thermostats, Elements, Valves, etc for ready usage.

Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water Systems are another popular choice for certain residences, where natural gas is available. The most common form of Gas Hot Water System is the natural gas storage tanks, such as the 135 litre and 170 litre varieties. They come in both 4 star and 5 star, with Rheem being the leading Australian manufacturer. These Gas Hot Water Systems are easily replaced by Anytime Hot Water, with our expertise in replacement now extending to over 30 years. All the Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems and the other brands such as Thermann, Vulcan, Rinnai, etc are stocked throughout Sydney and other regions so that we can provide same day replacement most days. This prompt 24/7 service also applies to our Gas Hot Water System repairs service, with all common parts being carried in our vehicles, including Thermocouples, Controllers and Valves. Of course, the same applies to the ever popular Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems.

The 26 litre per minute tankless systems are the most common sizes found in homes, with the Rheem 26 followed by the Rinnai B26 the leading choice. Hot Water Repairs or replacements of these Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems is readily available, our company being experts in this field.

Gas Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water Systems have increased in popularity over the last 20 years, as have Heat pump Hot Water Systems. These two eco-friendly options offer premises great saving in energy use for their hot water system use. Solar Hot Water Systems come in both Electric Boosted and Gas Boosted options and also come in roof mounted models as well as ground models. There are many options and brands available, with Chromagen and Rheem leading the way, followed by Stiebel Eltron ,Rinnai, Thermann, etc.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump Hot Water Systems have become even more popular over the last 5-10 years with their technology improving and their cost of purchase and installation dropping. These Heat Pumps are only installed on the ground and are a suitable replacement for an older electric tank, representing huge savings in electricity usage. The Chromagen Midea is the number one sold Heat Pump with Anytime Hot Water the leading installer and repairer of these hot water systems.

Our combined experience hot water repairs of over 20 years replacing electric tanks with Chromagen Midea Heat Pumps allow us to confidently tailor these systems to suit each individual household’s needs, maximising the savings for the end user. Heat Pump Hot Water System repairs are also one of our specialties, with our vehicles carrying most of the relevant repair parts needed in times of emergencies for the household. Other Heat Pumps in the market include the Rheem MPi325, DuxAero heat, Stiebel Eltron WWK300 and Thermann Heat Pump.

Whatever your needs regarding hot water systems, Anytime Hot Water is the right company for you. Phone us 7 days a week on 1800 633 920 for expert & friendly help with your hot water system repairs, replacements, installations and sales. We are ready to help you with the very best, professional hot water system service.
We carry parts for all the leading hot water brands
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Anytime Hot Water is a leading Hot Water Systems specialist company, serving all of Greater Sydney, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle & Canberra.
You would choose a hot water system and then have it installed by a licensed plumber or a licensed plumber. If your family is growing and you need more hot water, you would simply have a larger tank installed.
Electric Hot Water Systems still represent the majority of water heaters in residences throughout Sydney and other regions.
Having a gas water heater in your home is one of the wisest choices home owners make when installing or changing water heaters in their homes. The gas water heaters are affordable compared to the solar and electric counterparts.
The plumber will need to know and the needs for your household. If the tank is too small then you may run out of hot water. If the tank is too large you may waste energy storing the extra hot water,
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After 25 years serving Sydney and outer regions, at Anytime Hot Water we guarantee to provide FAST, QUALITY, same day service. We are a highly recommended Sydney plumber who specialises in fixing blocked drains, hot water systems, toilets, taps, broken pipes, hot water repairs & other plumbing and electrical jobs. So call 1800 633 920.

Really pleased with the service we received. We needed to replace our hot water heater due to a leak. After contacting multiple places, we decided on Anytime hot water because they gave a good quote and said they could get someone out to us in an hour (which they did!). I’ll know who to call for any future plumbing issues!

– Helen Wang

I had a problem with my water heater on Saturday and Anytime Hot Water Sydney was able to send someone out on Sunday, I had called Saturday evening so this was an urgent appointment. Russell came out the next day to start work on our water heater. He was very professional and did a great job getting it back into service within an hour. 

– Erna Joy Bati

We commend you for the excellent customer service we received from you regarding the replacement of our hot water tank. We truly appreciate the guidance and advice you gave us through the selection process. You did an outstanding job. We will be happy to recommend you to our family and friends.

– Ivy Calingasan
Frequently Asked Questions

When your hot water system breaks down, either by a simple shut down or a more dramatic burst water tank and flooding, it normally happens very suddenly.

And once this happens, most people don’t take the time to look into all of their options as they take cold showers; instead, most people will simply replace the hot water unit with something identical or equivalent right away.

This tends to mean that many people miss out on the opportunity to find a better product.

The old one worked fine, so let’s just get the same thing to avoid trouble

Because hot water takes up so a large part of your household power consumption (generally around one quarter of it), it is well worth reviewing how much power your system uses and comparing it to some alternatives before your system breaks down, while you still have the leisure.

You may find before long that many other HWSs (hot water systems) can save on energy and money while being friendlier to the environment.

Another thing to consider is any new regulations aimed at lowering household energy use in your state, as a new electrical system may not even be an option for your household.

Electric hot water systems may seem to be the most inexpensive option because they are relatively cheap to purchase as well as install.

However, over time these systems will actually cost you more in energy costs, especially if you are using a continuous or full day rate.

If your system runs on off-peak electricity it can be much kinder to your energy costs, but will also make it necessary to have a larger tank so that the water heated overnight will last throughout the day.

Please investigate your particular energy situation as off-peak electricity is not available for every home.

For an average four-person home, you will generally need a 125-160 litre tank if you have a continuous system, or a 250-315 litre tank if you are using off-peak electricity.

Electrical hot water units can be installed either inside or outside of the home.

Instantaneous electric water heaters are available as well.

And finally an electric hot water storage tank will typically cost between $500-$1500 to buy plus installation.

Natural gas can be a great option if your home has access to it. Generally the rate is much cheaper than electricity (but unfortunately gas prices are rising).

Another advantage is that gas rates do not fluctuate throughout the day, and can simply heat water as needed.

For a four-person home you should have a tank of around 135-170 litres.

Instant Electric Hot Water System are also available for natural gas. These systems tend to be installed outdoors on account of the venting requirements, though it is possible to install them inside if you have a flue.

These systems have an excellent energy efficiency rating. Some of them use a pilot light which uses a very small amount of gas, and others use electric ignition which is more economical.

The advantage of the pilot light however is that you can keep your hot water during power outages.

One alternative to natural gas is LPG or liquid petroleum gas, but the running costs will be significantly higher. Not including installation, a natural gas system will cost around $900-$2000.

These systems have solar collector panels and a storage tank. For a 4 person home, you will generally need two solar panels, or four square metres, along with a 300-360 litres tank.

The larger tank is needed to make up for days of minimal sunlight. Also note that four square metres of panel is recommended for an ideal collection position.

If your home doesn’t allow for your panels to be set up in an ideal place where they get a lot of direct sunlight, you may need to invest in more panels.

Some solar hot water systems also have an electric or gas booster element in the storage tank as a backup, to keep you going through periods without much sunshine.

Unlike electric hot water systems, solar hot water systems are typically the most expensive to buy as well as install.

But also unlike electrical hot water heaters, a well-functioning solar hot water heater will be very inexpensive in the long run as the running costs can be extremely low.

You may also be able to take advantage of government rebates or other incentives to help out with the purchase cost.

Solar systems, not including installation, will generally cost around $2000-$7000.

This is an efficient kind of hot water storage in that it works according to roughly the same principle as a fridge or air conditioner: it heats the water in your tank by extracting heat from the air.

Normally these systems have the tank and compressor integrated together, but a split system with the tank and compressor separated are also available.

These water heater systems need to be installed in a well-ventilated place, so outdoor installation is ideal.

Be aware that like air conditioners, the outdoor units of these systems can be quite noisy, so it is better not to install them too close to a neighbouring home.

These systems are ideal for warmer climates, though they can be made to work in a colder climate by including a booster element to keep your water warm on colder days.

For a four-person home, you will generally need a tank of 270-315 litres. You can also find government rebates or incentives to help offset the relatively high cost of purchasing and installing one of these systems.

The price for these systems will range from $2500 to $4000 (minus the installation).

Generally speaking a household will use about 50 litres of hot water per day. If you wash clothes in hot or warm water, take long showers, or use a dishwasher then the average amount per person could be considerably higher.

It is recommended to get your supplier to analyse your household and its water needs and then recommend some appropriate options for you. Your supplier should be asking you questions about how much water you use as well as when you use it.

Does everyone in the house shower in the morning or in the evening? Do you wash your clothes in hot or warm water? It is best when possible to get quotes from more than one supplier.

For most homes, solar heating systems are generally the most efficient and cheapest to run, but this option can be impractical for some homes for a variety of reasons, and your supplier will be able to recommend a number of different efficient and cost-effective options if solar heating isn’t ideal for your particular situation.

Gas water heating systems generally have the best energy star ratings for efficiency (the more stars it has the better, with the highest rating being six starts).

This is a good way to quickly assess the energy efficiency of heating systems, but keep in mind that this rating scheme is not regulated by the government.

Having hot water heater / system problems? If so follow the quick guide below before you call a hot water plumber for a hot water system repair or replacement.

This quick guide might just save you both headaches and money.

The guide will also give you an idea/understanding of the hot water system problem at hand.

Note this guide is electric water system specific.


You will need to know how to use a multimeter and follow all safety rules when working with electricity. Never open hot water system access panels whilst the power on. Always check the water unit’s power to be sure its off. Don’t trust a circuit breaker label.

Use a multimeter to check an outlet that you know is working before checking inside the water heater.