Freeloader Hot Water Systems

Making It The Best Choice For Household Use

Not many water-heating systems available in the market today meet the required efficiency and neither do they save you money when it comes to bills. However, the Vulcan Freeloader hot water systems that are both efficient and reliable under use.

With the current shift in lifestyle, it has necessitated that every aspect of life is done with urgency. With the increased need and use of hot water within the household on demand, this makes water-heating systems almost a paramount feature in the house.

Vulcan Freeloader 135L System

The Vulcan Freeloader 135 litre system is a local name in Australia. A medium-sized water heating system is more than capable of serving a household of up to three people comfortably at a lower cost compared to other alternatives in the market.

A product of an Australian company, Rheem making it the best choice as the company puts into consideration into localising the system to work optimally within the country’s’ climatic conditions. This has paid off as it has earned it a four-star rating in its efficiency, the highly rated water heating systems in the market.


The system also can be equipped in four modes unit of heating depending on the customers’ needs. It can be LPG heated, natural gas heated, electric heated and even a solar heated system. A hybrid system could also come in either a gas-boosted solar system, which has been a darling combination to the masses.

Thanks to its huge savings as it uses solar power from the sun to heat the water during the day. This also gives the system the eco-friendly badge as it reduces the emissions produced, as gas is combusted.

With High-Pressure Insulated Steel Tank

The system has a high-pressure insulated steel tank that can hold hot water for longer periods during the heating cycles. This helps keep heated water ready for any immediate use. It also combines the system with the innovative thermostat system that is precise enough to keep the water in the tank at 73 degrees. This helps save fuel or power bills, as a stable temperature does not require many heating cycles.

5-year Warranty For The Cylinder

The heating systems also come with a 5-year warranty for the cylinder. It a shorter warranty period that makes the system cheaper thus more affordable than the market alternatives of the same capacity. It is a reasonable sacrifice to ensure many can afford the product.

Parts Already Available Upon Purchase

The system comes ready to install with all the required parts as a single purchase. This eliminates the need to go back to a different shop to get the fittings, which is a lot of hassle.

Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repairer & Installer

Anytime Hot Water is an approved dealer of the Vulcan hot water systems. Having been working as the company’s’ partners for many years, we have emerged winners in many categories and have been recognised through a number of awards across the country.

Having worked, installed and repaired the systems over time, we have understood the systems better which allow us to provide better services to our clients.

We understand that breakdowns, much as accidents are inevitable. Moreover, we bear in mind that any repair job is always an urgent matter. Therefore, we have a 24/7 service policy to ensure that you as a client you are sorted.

Anytime Hot Water technicians also have a broad exposure to the system, you can be sure to get the first class service to any of the problems arising in any of the systems installed. We also stock parts for any repair services too to ensure that you get you services when due.

If you are searching for a company that offers hot water system repairs and replacements in Sydney and surrounding areas, call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider: Anytime Hot Water.

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