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GAS HOT WATER SYSTEMS – Installing or Replacing Your Current System

Buying a Gas Hot Water System has become very popular in recent years in Australia. A natural gas hot water system has always been known associated with the traditional gas storage tank. In fact, the Rheem gas hot water system made in Rydalmere, Sydney, has been the leading gas storage tank sold in Australia for many decades now.

The improvements in these gas tanks have been significant over the last decade or two, with the old 3 star tanks being superseded by their 4.5 star more efficient model. For example, the older 310135 and 311135 models have been replaced with the newer, advanced 347135 model. Likewise, the larger 170 litre tank models 310170 and 311170 are now represented by the better, more efficient and eco-friendly model # 347170.
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Rheem were the first to introduce to the Australian hot water market a 5 star gas hot water system. This state-of-art gas tank series is called the Rheem Stellar gas hot water system. No other manufacturer has been able to match the efficiency and reliability of this hot water unit. For example, the Rheem Stellar 330, known as model 850330, gives you 330 litres of hot water in the first hour. This is followed by 200 litres of recovery every hour, the most hot water available from a domestic gas hot water system in Australia. The same applies to the larger Rheem Stellar 360, model # 850360, with its 360 litres in the first hour, followed by 200 litres per hour after that.

So, Australian residents are very fortunate to have truly quality Australian made gas hot water system tanks readily available for purchase at very affordable prices. These tanks, being locally produced, also have the advantage of parts being locally available and easily accessible. These tanks come with a 10 year cylinder warranty and are made to handle our unique Australian climate.

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Whether it is a gas storage tank (4 or 5 star unit) or a tankless gas system (6 star unit) you want for your home, these are readily available. Just as importantly, they must be installed by a reputable and experienced hot water specialist company, Anytime Hot Water being the right choice with over 30 years of hot water experience. For the best hot water service, call Anytime Hot Water on 1800 633 920 – we are available to take your phone call 7 days a week and ready to give you the best, expert advice.

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The other popular choice for a gas hot water system over the last decade is the continuous flow tankless unit. This tankless gas system is popular for its space-saving feature, hanging on the wall, rather than standing on the ground.

Why Rheem?

Rheem have proven to be the leader in production of this tankless gas hot water system, with its Rheem 26 leading the way in technology. A big advantage of this unit is that it is engineered in Rydalmere, Sydney, by highly skilled Australian engineers. Therefore, it is made for our conditions and thus very durable and made to withstand our harsh climate.

Some of its unique features include the 3 thermistors (to keep the hot water at a consistent temperature), the heat guard (to stop the unit overheating and catching fire), the larger heat exchanger (equivalent to an engine in a car) and the EZiSET (an app allowing for your mobile phone to become a remote controller, rather than the older style fixed controllers). These Rheem 26 gas hot water systems are now a 6 star unit, making them very efficient and allowing a family to have continuous hot water at a low cost. Check out our range of Rheem Gas Hot Water System Prices