Rheem is one of Australia’s oldest premier hot water system manufacturers. The company started manufacture of this popular brand in Waterloo Sydney in 1939, and is widely recognised for their consistent output of high quality product. Today the majority of their hot water tanks are manufactured in Rydalmere, in a state-of-the-art facility located in the Inner West of Sydney. Rheem now offers huge range of Hot Water Systems including ElectricGas, Solar & Heat pumps.

Rheem hot water systems
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They offer a broad range of different water heaters to suit varying needs. Their electric storage tanks come in both vitreous enamel and stainless steel options, as do their gas tanks. The range is complemented by varying sizes of gas continuous flow systems, solar tanks and heat pump units. Rheem have a hot water system to suit virtually any domestic or commercial requirement.

Anytime Hot Water are specialist Rheem hot water system plumbers and are one of Rheem’s preferred repairers, installers and sellers. In order to provide a premium service, we stock a large range of new tanks and spare parts, thus enabling us to repair or replace any existing system, when and where necessary. Anytime is a longstanding VIP Rheem installer and repairer, winning the 2013 Rheem award and recently the Rheem 2014 award. Our plumbers and electricians are highly experienced, with extensive product knowledge and Rheem training, enabling them to choose a water heater that is right for you. So call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider, Anytime Hot Water, for the very best Rheem service.


We sell and install all of Rheem’s hot water systems, including the following popular models:

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Rheem hot water systems
Rheem hot water systems


Rheem 5 Star gas water heater

In your Rheem 5 Star gas water heater, there is a small pilot flame that should remain alight at all times. This small flame lights the main burner whenever water in the tank needs heating.

If you can’t get hot water it may be because the pilot flame has gone out and thus, there’s no way for the main burner to be relit.

This could occur for a number of reasons such a strong winds, gas maintenance work carried out in the street or an empty LPG cylinder. Today, we’ll show you the safe correct way to relight your gas water heater. As you’ll see, it’s quite easy. However, it is vital that you follow this procedure exactly to prevent a buildup of gas, which if ignites, can cause serious injury.

Before beginning, ensure all flames and ignition sources including cigarettes and lighters are kept well away from the area.

Check Your Rheem 5 Star gas water heater for gas leaks

First, remove the access panel. The instructions for relighting are clearly laid out inside this panel. It is important to ensure there are no gas leaks. This is best done by simply smelling for gas, especially down the floor level where gas can accumulate. If you smell gas, turn the gas control knob to the “off” position.

Shut off the isolation valve in the gas line. Leave the area and call for a qualified service technician.


Once you’ve confirmed there are no gas leaks, turn the gas control knob fully clockwise to the “off” position. You should feel the control knob clicking to the “off” position. Do not use tools to turn the knob. If you cannot turn the knob by hand call a service technician or licensed gas fitter.

It is vital at this point that you wait five minutes for any unburned gas to escape. If you do not wait the full five minutes, residual gas may ignite and cause serious injury.


Once five minutes has elapsed, we’re ready to light the pilot using the igniter button. You must remember that this button produces a spark that will ignite any gas that is nearby. This is why it is so important that you turn the control knob to “off” and wait five minutes for the gas to dissipate before every time you use the igniter button. Next, turn the control knob to the pilot position.

This is the symbol that looks like a starburst. Depress the control knob fully and keep holding the knob down to allow sufficient gas to flow to the pilot light. After waiting for 30 seconds with the control knob held down, keep the control knob down and now press the igniter button repeatedly for about 40 seconds. Keep your face clear of the combustion chamber.

At this point, the pilot should be alight. It is important that you continue to hold the control knob down for a further 20 seconds for the pilot light to establish itself. You can now release the knob. Once the control knob is released, check that the pilot is alight. Do this by looking into the combustion chamber just below the gas control. The pilot will be visible as a very small blue flame.


If the pilot is not alight, it is vital that you turn the gas control knob to “off” then once again, wait for five minutes for the gas to disperse. Once five minutes is up, begin the pilot lighting process again from the start- back where we turn the control knob from the “off” position to the pilot position.


Once the pilot is alight, it’s important for your safety that you remove your face from directly in front of the combustion chamber opening. Then turn the control knob anti-clockwise to at least six.

This will allow the main burner to light whenever the water needs heating. When the main burner lights up, it can be a little noisy for the first 2 to 5 seconds, this is perfectly normal. It will very soon settle down to a quiet flame. You can now replace the access panel.


As you can see, it’s a straightforward procedure but does need to be followed exactly.

1. Turn the control knob to off.
2. Wait five minutes for gas to disperse.
3. Now turn the control knob to pilot.
4. Press the control knob down for 30 seconds.
5. Keep holding the control knob down; press the igniter repeatedly for 40 seconds.
6. Keep holding the control knob down for a further 20 seconds while the pilot establishes itself.
7. Check the pilot. If the pilot is alight, pull your face away and turn the control knob to at least six.

Remember, if at any time during the lighting process the pilot flame is not alight when you expect it to be, turn the gas control to “off” and wait 5 minutes before starting again.

If you’re unsure of the lighting process, or the burner does not light as expected; call Rheem Service on 1800 633 920.

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy many years of safe, steady hot water.

The Rheem Water Heater Units

Heat pump water heater and electric storage tank together combine to form Rheem water heater assortment. Heat pump water heaters can extract heat away from the air; unlike the air conditioner which puts back the high temperatures into the air, heat pump puts it back the high temperatures into the water with the help of the heat exchanger.

It is expensive to induce humidity by the use of electricity compared to the release of heat away from the air that is much cheaper. Managing the heat pump and electric heating components helps to support heat sources like hot water pump which provides the heating energy. The heating elements help in providing extra hot water once they are turned on, or when needed.

The Rheem water heater assortment unit comes with the following features:

– A warrant of 10-years;
– A 2.0 energy factors (EF); and
– An insulation foam that measures 2-1/2 inch thick.

Its operational extent ranges from 40 to 120 degrees that are built in overheat/freeze security and has an air filter which is washable using heating the pump.

The Functions Of The Operation

The Rheem unit has got the following three functions of the operation.

The “ON”

This function is considered the most cost-effective mode of heating water as it allows you to let it stay in the “ON” mode without interruption. The Rheem company has branded this mode as the ‘Energy saver’ mode.

The “Normal Mode”

This makes the second mode of operation. This mode characteristically utilises the heating and the heat pump components. Unlike the energy saving mode, this mode makes use of more energy but also results in more hot water. While in the Normal mode, the mode utilises the heating unit when the temperature drop hits between 105 and 110 degrees, or when the temperature drop goes below your preset temperature limits on the control panel.

The “Electric Elements Only”

This is the third operation mode. In this mode, As the water pump stops working, the water heater assumes the status of a standard electric heater, implying that if you leave your water heater in the “electric mode only” for two weeks, it automatically reverts to its former settings once the two weeks period lapses.

The “Vacation” Mode

This is the water heater’s fourth mode of operation. While the heater is in this mode, it maintains the temperatures of its water at 90 degrees.

The Experts

Are you looking for more information or assistance about our home heating solutions? If yes, make contact with our experts now! We have put forward our highly competent, experienced and passionate experts to guide you. Making sure of getting the right water heating product that will for once offer you value for your money and be there when you need its services most!

What is more? Our experts will share great insights that will ensure that you not only get the best water heating services but also significantly cut your energy costs!

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Offers Free And Natural Water Heating Solutions

Rheem Solar Hot Water Heater offers free and natural water heating solutions. It is the dream solution we have always envisioned to offer our customers. The heater offers just more a feeling, it is a life’s fact that we must all enjoy.

With Rheem Solar thermal panels installed on your roof, you will be ready to go. For instance, SoiPak solar design from the Rheem Company allows the sun to naturally heat the water to give you luxurious hot water at no cost but the sun’s power, everywhere you want it and every day.

That is why we say our solar water heating solutions are free and natural. You get hot water while incurring zero energy costs, saving lots of energy and the environment too. Once you have Rheem solar hot water system, you get it wholesomely. Interestingly, it is free and natural. That is suppose how you have always wanted to shower, isn’t it?

Here are three ways you save with Rheem Solar Hot Water System

1. You Save On Energy

Depending on the place you live, when you continuously use the solar energy to heat water, you get an opportunity to save your heating energy by about 50%-90%. You, therefore, lessen your electricity or gas consumption by about 90%.

2. Saves On The Costs Associated With Heating Of Water

Once you reduce your overall heating energy usage, your energy bills will drastically go down. In actual sense, you save real costs that would otherwise have ended up somewhere paying these bills. An average home will realise huge money saving every year. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing energy costs around the globe, solar heaters are a sure bet to making huge energy costs savings.

3. Saves The Environment

We deplete our environment when we heat water using unfriendly environmental methods such as using electricity, charcoal, and fuel. In the case of fuel, we emit dangerous fumes to the environment.

On average, a 3-4 family members using Solarhart water heater can prevent emission to the environment of about 3-4 tonnes worth of greenhouse gases unlike if the traditional electric heater were to be used. This saving is equivalent to taking off one small car from the road. So you can see how much beneficial this heating option is to our future generations and planet.

Here are three ways how Rheem solar heating systems repay its installation costs:

• Saves Lots Water Heating Costs

Once you use Rheem’s solar heating solutions, you significantly cut your energy costs, thereby making huge savings in the long-run.

• You Benefit From Government Rebates And Incentives

Due to Rheem’s solar water heater’s reputation as an environmentally friendly solution, the federal government in partnership with the Renewable Energy Certificates, and a few other States have accorded its productions a few incentives and rebates that result in significant reduction of the initial investment of acquiring a new Rheem system.

The Rheem Solar Systems Have A Longer Life Than Competing Products

Due to the experience in the production of water heaters, the solar heaters have a reputation for having a longer life than their completion. Longer life means you continue enjoying hot water for an extended period than someone that settled for the ordinary water heating system. Remember, you pay no extra charge to continue enjoying this extended period of hot water, the sun does it for free.

The Professionals

Anytime Hot Water are specialist Rheem hot water system plumbers and are one of Rheem’s preferred repairers, installers and sellers. In order to provide a premium service, we stock a large range of new tanks and spare parts, thus enabling us to repair or replace any existing system, when and where necessary.

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Rheem Hot Water Storage Systems

Since its inception, Rheem has been the mother of Australia’s chosen hot water unit brand Rheem Hot Water Systems. The brand has served Australia’s households and businesses in the provision of hot, steady and strong water.

For over 60 years, Rheem has been Australia’s company of choice, gaining the trust of most Australians. For these 60+ years, Rheem has been in operation, it has transformed several homes bringing energy efficient solutions and lowering the power bills. These solutions have made the company stand out from the rest.

Rheem electric storage heaters are very much affordable and are, therefore, an ideal home remedy for all your hot water needs. Rheem has, and will always give you an answer to all your home’s hot water needs. These hot water heaters are readily available and in various sizes to address all your family water needs regardless of the family size and water demand. What’s more, these heaters come with numerous off-peak tariffs to enable you to make huge savings.

Why Rheem Offers The Best Product For You

Rheem has adapted a large-scale scope in providing hot water unit solutions in Australia. For instance, the company provides a wide range of sizes and capacities suitable for any condition. Some of the unique water heating solutions Rheem provides include heat pump or continuous flow, electric storage or gas, and solar solutions that are not only power-efficient but also strong.

1. Rheem Continuous Flow

– This solution ensures there’s uninterruptible hot water all day for your use;
– Its 5-star energy efficient;
– It has Remote Temperature Controllers to the convenience of controlling the water temperatures;
– It’s dense and easily mountable on walls; and
– Has a 10-year warranty.

2. Rheem Stellar

– Allows for a quick address to your hot water needs;
– Provides adequate pressure to serve numerous taps and showers – ideal for large families;
– Has a 10-year warranty; and
– Its 5-star energy efficient.

3. Gas Storage Hot Water

– It’s available in all sizes, and, therefore, ideal for any family regardless of the family size;
– Provides for on-the-spot hot water shower and/or tap;
– Has adequate pressure in pipes, ensuring that water is available at all times; and
– Allows for quick and easy replacement and/or fixing of worn-out water heaters.

4. Heat Pump

– Its effectiveness surpasses that of the electric water heaters;
– Can work all day and night non-stop, every day; and
– It is the best among its peers, yet it provides a simple solar solution.

5. Solar

– It offers the best way to heat up water;
– Can tremendously bring down your power bills and energy consumption; and
– This water-heating technology takes care of the environment.

The Experts

As a company, we have invested in experienced heavily in getting experienced service agents to help you solve your home’s hot water problems. Remember, knowledge is power!

Our experts will ensure you get expert advice necessary to guide you on whatever hot water problem you have. Rheem Hot Water Systems experts will help you in getting one solution that addresses your hot water needs.

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Rheem Hot Water System Solutions

For years now, Rheem hot water heaters have served the Australian customers across the country by supplying them with continuous hot water. Rheem has a solution for all your hot water need. For instance, if you wish to have in place a heating system to serve your domestic or commercial needs, you will always get a Rheem water heater to address that specific need.

The most common hot water system solutions that Rheem offers to its customers include:

1. Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

The company has developed a gas-powered continuous flow water heater whose energy efficiency can be equated to even stars. With its highly efficient design, this heater has become a new benchmark in a continuous flow.

Due to this heater’s capability to give an output of 24 litres of hot water per minute, it is therefore suitable for use in small units, households and commercial establishment that require extensive use of hot water.

The unending gas hot water for a model that is medium tightly-packed capacity is suitable for use at a medium-sized apartment, townhouses that have fixed wall space, and home.

Of all the units offered by the company, Rheem Gas Continuous Flow water heaters are said to be of the highest quality. This heater offers much when you highly need it. It is also known for its potential to offer an uninterrupted flow of hot water. Furthermore, these heaters can be a great solution when used in big bathroom households that are highly space/area-conscious and have huge demands for hot water.

Apartments, site buildings, mobile homes, and the like are some of the ideal places to use this small and compact fully-featured unit referred to as the Rheem accomplishment and dependability.

2. Rheem RTG95 Tankless Water Heaters

The Rheem RTG95 heaters can give an output of up to 9.5 gallons of non-stop hot water per minute. This heating system is also more energy-efficient than the common water tank heaters. These units provide just the required supply of a continuous amount of hot water on 2-2 simultaneous outlets even where the demand for the water is high.

Just imagine doing laundry while warm water runs in your bathtub! Those are just some of the applications of the Rheem RTG95 Tankless Heaters. The kind of performance you get is exceptional, making Rheem become one of the top rated vendors of tankless water heaters in the market.

The RTG95 series of Tankless Water Heaters are available in numerous options to choose from. For instance, indoor options feature direct vent, and outdoor models are working similar to liquid propane as they operate off the gas and a fuel capacity of more than 90%.

This feature makes them get into the class of energy savers (or energy efficient devices). As a result, these heaters have received residential energy tax credit of the federal government. An initiative of the current stimulus package and improving the unit’s savings even though its pricing is already affordable.

Rheem RTG95 series of water heaters are ideal for duplexes, bigger homes and areas that have a single system serving the needs of multiple small apartments. The unit provides for operation via the externally-wired thermostat and with the help of the remote control included in every package.

Apartment owners, plumbing contractors, and residential customers have made products manufactured by Rheem, a must-have brand in their homes and/or works. For instance, once the customers have high hot water needs, they often pick a high-capacity product from Rheem’s RTG95 series.

The Experts And Professionals

Anytime Hot Water are specialist Rheem hot water system plumbers and are one of Rheem’s preferred repairers, installers and sellers. In order to provide a premium service, we stock a large range of new tanks and spare parts, thus enabling us to repair or replace any existing system, when and where necessary.

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