Aquamax Hot Water System

Aquamax Hot Water System

Aquamax Hot Water System

Aquamax Is A Provider Of Award-winning Hot Water Heaters.

Specialising in solar and heat pump systems, an Aquamax Hot Water System is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an energy efficient alternative to electric and gas hot water systems.

In the modern era, an increasing number of homeowners are turning to these energy efficient hot water units as a way of escaping skyrocketing electricity costs. Many people are also very conscious of their environmental footprint, and these units are a great place to start – after all, every little bit helps.

is an excellent choice for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative. They are Australia’s leading manufacturer of evacuated tube solar water heaters, and these systems utilise the latest technology.

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This innovative brand offers both mains pressure storage and continuous flow systems to cater for differing needs, and there are a wide range of different sizes on offer. Whether you’re by yourself, with your family or in a large share house, there is an AquaMAX hot water system to suit.

These hot water units all utilise the latest, highly efficient technology, and they are all backed by either five or ten year cylinder warranties, depending on the model. When you are investing in relatively new technology, it pays to go with a reputable brand.

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Aquamax Hot Water System – Popular Systems

The following are just some of the AquaMAX hot water units we have available. If you are looking for a specific system not listed below, call us today and speak with an expert.

Aquamax EM50

This 50L electric storage hot water heater is ideal for those who are living alone, or in situations where space is a concern.

Aquamax E80-E400

These electric storage tank units range in size from 80L through to 400L, meaning there is a size suitable for all households.

Aquamax G390SS

At 390L first hour delivery, this unit is the largest in the gas storage tank range. With a 5 star energy rating, it is suitable for households of 3-6 people.

Aquamax G270SS / G270VE

These gas storage tank units hold 270L of hot water in first hour delivery, and are suitable for use by 2-4 people.

Aquamax Continuous Flow

These compact units heat water as you need it, and are ideal when space is a concern.

Aquamax Solar Boosted Systems

An environmentally friendly option, these systems use energy from the sun. They can either be boosted by gas or electricity.

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