Everhot Hot Water System

Everhot Hot Water System

Everhot Hot Water System

The Reliable Everhot Hot Water Heater Unit

If you are looking for hot water systems that provide plenty of hot water and are extremely reliable, think Everhot.

The Everhot hot water systems are manufactured with the environment in mind, and are therefore as energy efficient as possible. In this day and age, energy efficiency is of paramount importance. With gas and electricity bills rising, homeowners are looking for ways to slash their bills: your water unit is a great place to start.

Everhot hot water heaters make a number of different systems, including electric and gas storage systems, gas continuous flow units, gas-boosted solar and also heat pump systems.

They make a wide range of different sizes, so you are sure to find a system that suits the requirements of your household. In addition, most of their water heaters are made right here in Australia – why not support the local economy?

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Popular Everhot Hot Water System

The following are just some of the Apricus hot water systems we have available. If you are looking for a specific system not listed below, call us today and speak with an expert.


The following are just some of the Everhot hot water systems we have available. If you are looking for a specific system not listed below, call us today and speak with an expert.

We can order in most makes and models, and if not we’ll always have a comparable unit available.

Our Everhot hot water heater range includes the following popular models:
Rheem hot water systems
Rheem hot water systems


Hot water is usually one of the biggest energy users in homes, typically about 30%. To save energy, it’s worth targeting hot water systems. Hot water systems must be installed by a licensed plumber, in accordance with relevant plumbing regulations and Australian standards.

The hot water system may be a condition of planning and building approval, so check compliance with the approved plans.

The first priority is to use hot water efficiently.

Shower heads should have a 3 star rating and taps at least 5 star.

To minimise pipe lengths, hot water outlets and the water heater should be grouped as close together as possible. This reduces heat losses and water wastage. If the heater can’t be close to a frequently used outlet, consider installing a demand-controlled water return device. These return the cold water in the pipe back to the water heater until the water at the outlet is hot. They are easy to install and can be fitted to most existing systems.

If the water is at 60 degrees and the air temperature is 15, each meter of copper pipe loses as much energy as it takes to run a 40-watt bulb. So, insulate all hot water pipes, including plastic ones. At least 10 millimeters of closed cell foam insulation is needed.

This can be sold and fitted over pipes before installation or split and installed afterwards. But remember to leave enough clearance between the pipe and the wall for it to fit. Also, insulate tank fittings and the cold inlet pipe within one meter of the tank. If a tempering valve is installed, locate it close to the heater to reduce pipe heat loss.

Hot water storage systems can waste a lot of energy due to heat loss from the tank.

This can be 20-50% of the total energy use. To reduce this, place the tank in a sheltered location, out of the rain and wind. Set the thermostat to 60. They are often set much higher at the factory, which wastes energy. If there are no numbers on the thermostat, use a thermometer to make sure water from the nearest untempered outlet is 60 degrees.

Storage systems can use electricity, gas, the sun or a heat pump as an energy source. Electric storage systems are being phased out due to their high greenhouse gas emissions. Gas storage systems can either use natural gas or LPG. LPG is more expensive and really only suitable for smaller homes with high efficiency heaters.

Heat pumps can be all-in-one or split systems. Split systems allow the tank to be located indoors to reduce heat losses and be closer to the points of use. Leave adequate airflow around the condenser to insure best performance.

The warmer the heat source, the more efficient they are. So, locate the condenser on the warmer side of the house, usually the north or west. Operate them on continuous or extended off peak tariff, that way they can use warmer daytime air as the heat source. Like an air conditioner, they make some noise, so locate them at least 1.5 meters away from bedroom windows, including the neighbors.

Instantaneous systems heat the water when a hot tap is turned on so no heat energy is wasted from a tank.

However, there is a delay of 5 to 10 seconds while the water gets hot, meaning one to two liters of water is typically wasted. A demand-controlled water return device can reduce this. Instantaneous units can use either electricity or gas as the heat source. Gas is the most common and preferred. It has much lower greenhouse emissions and running costs. Choose one with the highest number of stars. Some instantaneous units are not compatible with water efficient shower heads as the flow rate is too low for correct operation. Check with the manufacturer or supplier. Don’t install gas units with wasteful pilot flames. Use electronic ignition models.

So, to get the best out of a hot water system, reduce the water use with efficient fixtures and appliances. Locate the system close to points of use and insulate the pipes. Choose the most efficient system. Choose the most appropriate system for the particular household.

When you own an Everhot Electric Storage Unit, you do not have to stress about starting your day with a cold shower.

The Everhot 315 Electric gives you an option to start your day the way you should with the pleasure of hot water provided by this cutting-edge hot water system.

An Everhot electrical storage water unit equips you with the ability to enjoy your showers for extended periods.

How An Everhot Electrical Storage Unit Operates

The most important feature of Everhot 291315R7 is its ability to heat or cool your homes water to the to the temperature you prefer.

The temperature regulation in the storage unit is made by the use of a specially designed thermostat which adjusts the operational conductor to an electric dipping device that is located at the bottom of the water storage container.

The electrical immersed equipment works with the thermostat to detect the decrease in water temperature in the tank.

Immediately the temperature drop is registered, the thermostat completes the power circuit which heats the water-heating component at the bottom of the tank.

The heating element starts warming water present in the tank.

The thermostat stays alert to detect the required temperature. When the water has reached the recommended temperature set on the thermostat, the circuit is broken limiting the power reaching the heating device in the Everhot

A Premier Electric Hot Water Storage Unit

The hot water heater is further protected against circuit failure by a standard double-pole circuit breaker to provide cover in case the thermostat connections declines to deploy. The contacts on the ECO deploys at temperatures of 85C.

Advantages of an Everhot Electric Hot Water Heater

  • An Everhot Water Heater Unit is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured to use energy frugally to ease the pressure placed on you by a renewable source of energy used for heating water. Energy conversion is vital currently especially with the recent hike in electricity, gas.
  • The appliance incorporates a vast storage space in the tank for the provision of a reliable stream of hot water at the preferred temperature.
  • ECO comes in different sizes and prices allowing you to choose the most appropriate water heating unit for your home. Furthermore, the best Everhot Electric Storage Units are manufactured within the borders of Australia, allowing you to boost the economy of your country while enjoying the best hot water quality.

To conclude, to enjoy the best hot water in your home, request a quote from one of Sydney’s hot water system installation experts (aka the Team @ Anytime Hot Water) for any inquiries regarding our services and bookings for an Everhot Electric hot water storage unit replacement or new installation

The Excellent Commercial Water Heater

Looking to supply your home and premise with plenty of hot water? You have to acquire and utilise the right commercial gas water heater. Perhaps no other Australian brand comes even close to the Everhot Gas Storage Systems.

This brand specialises in the manufacture of robust commercial gas water heater equipment. They are designed with the aim of providing between 380 and 970 litres of hot water within the first hour. They also produce further 190 to 750 litres per hour for every 50°C rise in temperature.

Outstanding Features

In all, the products of this brand exhibit the following outstanding features and their accompanying benefits:

• Indoor and outdoor gas models.
• Seamless conversions of the pre-existing heavy-duty gas models.
• Multiple anodes coupled with the heavy-duty jointly confer longer service life.
• Manifold units which together bring about added capacity and extended output.

Benefits of The Everhot Gas Brand


The products are manufactured with the environment in mind. As such, they are effective at conserving the environment. Therefore, expect the utility bills to take a nosedive.

Comprehensive Product Range

The Everhot brand manufactures a range of different systems. These include the gas and electric storage systems, the gas continuous flow units, heat pump systems, and gas-boosted solar units among others. It is, therefore, your one-stop-shop solution for all your energy-related needs.

Availability in Varying Sizes

Apart from dealing in a comprehensive range of items, the brand also makes units with varying sizes and dimensions. It guarantees you will find one that fits your household’s unique circumstance. Moreover, they are also locally-made right here in Australia. Why not boost the local economy by settling for them?

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Having hot water system issues?

Don’t delay…. and call the Sydney hot water systems specialists to repair or replace your hot water system promptly.

If it turns out that your current hot water system can not be repaired and you are looking for a new reliable, best hot water heater to install, consider an Everhot hot water unit.

The Everhot heaters stand apart from the others.

They are manufactured with the environment in mind. As such, they are energy-efficient.

Given the significance of energy efficiency in this day and age, homeowners generally seek to slash their utility bills considerably. In particular, they are intent on reining in their electricity and gas bills. The hot water unit is by far the best place to start from.

Everhot water systems offer a number of solutions & systems.

These include:-

  • gas storage systems
  • electric systems
  • gas-boosted solar system
  • gas continuous flow system
  • and the heat pump system

They are also available in a wide variety of sizes.

You are certain to find one that suits your requirements.

What’s more? Most of them are made right here in Australia!

These Everhot electric water heaters sizes vary from 25 liters to 400 liters in capacity.

They are cylindrical in shape and may be installed both outdoors and indoors equally well. Water is heated and insulated in the electric storage water units by use of an electric element which is immersed in a tank.

Does your current water heater have any issues?  Do you feel it is time for you to acquire a newer one?

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