DHE Instant Hot Water System

Efficient Smart Water Heater

Stiebel is highly committed to the development of innovative and high-quality instantaneous electric water heaters. For instance, the DHE Instant Hot Water System has a design that inspires the delivery of hot water with precision. This is through the automatic adjustment of the rate of flow thereby delivering the requested hot water temperature. Besides, this Germany made DHE heater contains an economy monitor showing CO2, water, energy, and energy savings against the hydraulic instantaneous water heater.

This smart water heater has a display that automatically turns green from amber whenever this hot water system is in the efficiency mode. This appliance gets into efficiency mode on condition when:

– The standard output is less than 80%, maximum output is below 80% and the inlet temperature is above 35°C.

– The maximum output is below 80% with the eco function turned ON.

Instant Hot Water Delivered With Precision

Regardless of the DHE AU instant water heater, there is a guarantee of getting hot water with great precision. The number one priority when it comes to the production of DHE 27 AU and DHE 18 AU is the comfort, ensuring they precisely deliver to the last degree.

While using the 4i Technology, this intelligent and electronic controlled water heater uses a series of sensors to adequately manage the output of hot water. Thereby compensating for any fluctuation in temperature and pressure. As a result, you get a guarantee of getting hot water whose temperature exactly matches what you requested for.

Unlike the old instantaneous water heaters that are hydraulic controlled, this crop of electronic heater designs can save you up to 30% energy and water.

These heaters (DHE AU) are equipped with the multi-functional display to promote the visibility of efficiency at all times. This display consistently shows the flow rate and temperature selection and will automatically turn green whenever the appliance operates at superior levels of efficiency. That’s not all – these heaters come in compact size and can, therefore, be properly installed in proper places with limited space.

High Quality Design by Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron Hot Water System

– Accurately deliver the required hot water temperatures – the DHE automatically secures necessary adjustments to the continuous flow so as to produce the selected temperature.

– The regulation of the output water temperature is electronically done, therefore offering the required accuracy while compensating for any fluctuation in temperature and pressure that may occur.

– Bare wire element fully supported by a copper casing that has typically undergone pressure testing. It is ideal for practical use in local areas with both hard and soft water.

– Electronic safety system with the operational capability to accurately detect air.

– Shower function and memory function.

– Watermark-approved with licence number AS3498, WMKA00301.

– Enhanced capability to carefully select desired temperature typically ranging from 20° to 60° Celsius.

– Offers pre-heating capabilities. Accepting pre-heated water up to 55°C, e.g. for using the solar heating system to reheat.

Installation Flexibility

– Has a compact design thereby saving on space necessary for installation flexibility.

– It does not require a flue, safe tray, or ventilation.

Operational Efficiency Properly Monitoring

– Its backlight display is easy to read, there’s colour change from amber if operating efficiently in the eco mode.

– Its display accurately indicates the current energy and water consumption.

– Its economy monitor shows CO2, water, energy, and energy savings against the hydraulic instantaneous water heater.

Come in Two Electric Sizes

1. DHE 27 AU – whose characteristics are 29.1kW, 40 Amps/phase, 3-phase 415V
2. DHE 18 AU – whose characteristics are 19.1kW, 27 Amps/phase, 3-phase 415V


– Come with a 5-year full domestic warranty for labour and parts.

– Terms and conditions apply – you can refer to the warranty policy document for sufficient details.

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Dhe Instant Hot Water Team

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