Bosch Hot Water System


Bosch Hot Water System


Bosch hot water systems combines the latest technology with high quality materials to produce products that you can rely on. This leading brand has been at the forefront of system innovation for many years, and therefore they are an extremely popular choice for those who are looking to have a new unit installed.

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Bosch specialises in instantaneous gas water heaters, which only heat the water as you need it. Available in a number of different flow rates, there are systems to suit households of all sizes – ensuring you never have to endure a cold shower! Bosch makes a number of different system types, all of which work very efficiently.

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Our range of Bosch hot water systems include:

If you want an energy efficient hot water system that delivers to your expectations, we strongly recommend Bosch commercial hot water systems. Bosch has been in this trade for over 125 years during which they have continued to produce high quality products for a number of consumers. Bosch keeps its customers in mind whenever they are designing their products. However, to get a hot water system that meets your individual needs, please consider your location, the water quality as well as the desired output when making the final buying decision. With Bosch’s wide range of products, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

If you are in the market for something with a bit of grunt, the Bosch commercial hot water systems series are definitely the perfect fit. In particular, the Bosch 32 Series with a 4.8 energy star rating, is suitable for homes with 3 or more bathrooms. This water system will provide you a consistent water supply and is very efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

– The units can also serve a small business with its own bathrooms
– The commercial models are suitable where heavy duty consumption is needed

Heat Pumps

Because it has a number of business ventures, Bosch provides a wide variety of products. Heat pumps are the other line of products that Bosch is known for. You will experience the same excellence you are used to with the hot water systems in Bosch heat pumps. If you do not know how a heat pump works, just think of a heat pump as the opposite of a fridge. Therefore, while a fridge expels heat, a heat pump expels cold air ensuring the water inside the pump remains warm, even if the temperature outside the unit is cold.

– Heat pumps are very useful to people residing in places with extreme weather conditions. Can work from -7°C to +40°C
– The Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump is eligible for government rebate
– With a storage capacity of 270 litres, the Bosch Compress 3000 model Heat Pump is ideal for households with three to four people

The high cost even with the government rebate may be hard to endure but this should not deter you from investing in the heat pump. Bosch claims that the Compress 3000 model consumes 65% lesser energy compared to ordinary systems and is therefore a better option. This is because you will save money in the future in your energy consumption. In this regard, if you can pay the initial amount, you should not hesitate to go for the Bosch Compress 3000 Hot Water Heat Pump.

Tronic 1000T

With the Tronic 1000T model, Bosch assures customers a solid and reliable hot water system. The vitreous enamel covering of the Tronic 1000T makes it durable in most environments. Additionally, since Bosch produces the Tronic 1000T model in a wide range of dimensions and sizes, there is something for everyone. Single person households will definitely go for the smaller systems while the bigger systems can cater for large family households.

– 80 litres to 400 litres models are available, including slimline modes that provide tight storage spaces.
– Suitable for external as well as internal installations.
– All systems come with a 7-year cylinder warranty, offering you peace of mind.

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Bosch continuous flow water heaters provide a constant source of hot water. Since the water is heated when required, they never run out of hot water. Additionally, their output is bigger compared to their physical size and are more space efficient that the storage tanks.

It is also instrumental that these types of water heaters can run on electricity, LPG, or natural gas. The gas versions are suitable for both external and internal installation, while the models that operate on electricity are designed for internal installation only. Both the electric and the gas models have precise temperature controls and can be supplied as 50°C temperature models.

Newer models of continuous flow water heaters that operate on gas are room sealed appliances that use a co-axial flue system to supply combustion air and remove combustion products. They are therefore very safe with regard to the exclusion of flue gasses from the living environments. For markets such as Europe, the design standard is installing compact gas room sealed appliances in laundries or kitchens, either directly on the walls or concealed in the cupboards.

Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Gas continuous flow water heaters are efficient in terms of space whether they are installed externally or internally. However, with outside installation, it is important to consider Worksafe requirements as well as access to the appliance during servicing.

It is common to install external gas continuous flow water heaters on the upper story balconies. But this may pose aesthetic challenges, especially when extra flue diverter devices are considered so as to comply with the AS5601 standard on deflection of flue gasses.

In addition, in NSW, the NSW Fair Trading Department has strict regulations on any gas water heater on a balcony that has a roof and enclosed on more than 2 sides.

As already stated, the electric continuous flow water heater systems are designed for internal models. The basic models are installed under bench while the units that have control features are hang on a wall. The electric models are limited on energy input (the volume of water they can heat). There are single phase models, and 3-phase models. The cost of operation is usually higher than gas models.

Storage Water Heaters (Tank Systems)

The tank systems water heaters are designed to generate domestic hot water in conjunction with a hot water unit using hot water circulation. The tank is not intended for use in pool heating applications or for heating any liquid other than water. It is also not intended for use in gravity hot water heating systems.

Tank volume directly affects the amount of hot water available from storage tank water heaters. Since the average person uses about 50 litres of hot water per day, a larger storage tank will be required when more people live in a given household. However, this requires more space and can reduce the available space in the house. Moreover, many buyers now dislike the traditional design solution of fitting storage tanks into the bedroom wardrobes.

A storage tank also compromises convenience and comfort. This is because the recovery time required to re-heat an empty storage tank depends on volume which is measured in hours. Furthermore, storage systems require mandatory fittings as well as the extra cost of a tempering valve. The tempering valve is required by the Plumbing Code of Australia. It limits the maximum outlet water temperature to 50°C to sanitary outlets to minimise the risk of scalding.

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The Bosch gas hot water system is one of the latest around and the most energy efficient. This will help save money in the long run. There is a two-year warranty on all models that will include parts as well as labour. There is even a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger. This is well above industry standards and show that Bosch is willing to stand behind their products.

We have been providing hot water to both residential and commercial clients for over 60 years. Bosch is one of the main companies in both the Australia as well as the international market. This company uses the latest technology in all sectors including providing hot water. Bosch is one of the leaders in hot water technology and the company uses the latest innovations.

Bosch OptiFlow

Bosch uses the latest technology and this can be seen in the Optiflow system. Each model has a six-star rating and has solar compatibilities. This will help save water and will help save money on the utility bill.

The Optilow models are meant for lower flow rate systems as well as combustion management systems.

There are four different control options and a customer can get additional accessories as well.

Bosch has created some new things in the industry and is the first company to use a Bluetooth connection with the Premium Model Optiflow. This is fancy for a hot water system and will allow a person to have additional control. Besides Bluetooth there are other options including mechanical and condensing ranges.


The mechanical hot water system has three different models. There is the Pilot Ignition, the Internal Compact, and the Hydropower. Each model can heat up to two bathrooms and is suited for the average household. They can heat the water that is required for household use without a problem.

The Pilot Ignition is great for those that are just looking for the basics and will meet basic needs.

The Internal Compact has a higher star rating but it is more expensive than the basic models.

The Hydropower will help save you money since it uses its own voltage to heat up water and no outside source is needed.

The Mechanical model are good for the average home and provides enough power to heat the water without running up the utility bill.

Bosch Condensing

If you are looking for a water system that is more advanced the Bosch Condensing Range can help. There is a second condensing heat exchanger which allows for constant water flow. These models have a number of different controllers as well as accessories allowing the consumer to have complete control of their system.

This is one of the more expensive models but will help a consumer save a great deal of money on their energy bill.

This product has one of the highest energy efficient ratings. The C21 model has a rating of 6.9 stars which is one of the highest in the industry.

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Bosch hot water systems for medium density housing must be designed to blend well into existing suburban areas. The design should offer a desirable living environment that allows for increased densities in an incremental but sustainable way, without compromising amenities and overall character.

The concerned architects and developers have to consider how the buildings relate to the neighbouring surroundings and streetscapes, as well as how the space can be utilised efficiently. Meeting these requirements demands creativity and innovation.

How Water Solutions for Medium Density Housing Design

The hot water unit is one crucial aspect that is usually overlooked in the early stages during the design process. This often has an adverse effect on the finished home. This is because unlike in low density housing design, space is much of a concern. We cannot therefore afford to overlook the hot water system till a later stage in the design process.

Failure to consider the type of hot water technology as well as the installation location negatively affects the amenity and the aesthetics of the dwelling, devalues the development in the short-term and increases the operating costs in the long-term.

The two major factors to consider when choosing a hot water solution for the medium density housing sector are the available sources of energy and the type of hot water technology to be used. These two factors will determine how the designer will integrate the hot water system into the dwelling.

Heating Water With Electricity or Gas

Water heating often accounts for 25% of the energy used by a typical household. Because of this, the choice of a hot water system is important to managing energy consumption in the household. The first decision made when selecting a hot water solution is the source of energy to be used, where electricity and gas are the two common choices.

The developer must decide if both gas and electricity are needed in the building. While electricity connection will be automatic, deciding to connect gas will be dictated by the kind of appliances specified into the development plan, including heating, cooking and hot water.

For a medium density development, the additional costs incurred because of connecting gas will be overshadowed by the benefits. Notable benefits include the efficiency of gas appliances, an increased choice of appliances that make the property more appealing to potential buyers and the increase in the overall value of the property.

Generally, an electric hot water system has lower capital cost, but is more expensive to run than a gas hot water system. Gas is therefore more attractive to consumers. Besides, gas hot water systems produce about 25 to 33 percent lesser greenhouse gases than their electric counterparts. With the increased focus on energy efficiency, gas connection is the preferred choice for sustainable design. Moreover, many gas hot water systems have high energy efficiency, with many of them achieving a 6-star rating.

Selecting A Suitable Hot Water Technology

The architect or the developer must consider the installation location early in the design process. This ensures that installing the hot water appliance does not adversely affect the appearance and the amenity of the dwelling. The designer must choose between internal appliances and their external counterparts.

External appliances are suitable for balconies or ground applications, but may compromise the available outdoor space. For the internal appliances, it is important to consider the type, as well as the installation location.

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