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Do you live in an apartment or a house, villa or townhouse. Normally, if one lives in an apartment, the Electric hot water system will be located in either the kitchen (often under kitchen bench or in pantry), the laundry (often on laundry floor, in a cupboard, or mounted up on the wall), in a hall or bedroom cupboard, or in the garage or externally on the verandah.

Traditionally, apartments tend to be serviced by a 50 litre electric hot water system, especially when under kitchen bench or when mounted on the laundry wall. However, if space permits in, say the laundry, the larger diameter 80 litre of 125 litre may be found. If located on the verandah or in the garage, then occasionally the even larger 160 litre or 250 litre may be found.

Rheem hot water tank

Rheem hot water tank are renowned as the best quality electric hot water system in Australia. Their range of tanks is unsurpassed, meaning there is a model for any situation. For example their Rheemglas smaller tanks are suitable for under bench installation, such as their very popular Rheem Compact 191045, and their traditional 50 litre unit, model# 191050. The Compact being 67cm tall compares to the 50 litre being 69.5cm in height. 

The next sizes up are the Rheem 80 litre (model 491080) and 125 litre (model 491125). These 2 units won’t fit under a bench, but are often found in either the laundry, hall or bedroom cupboard. Being only 48 cm in diameter, makes them narrow enough to fit into restricted internal space, especially in apartments. This smaller 48 cm diameter is also a factor in the taller 160 litre unit (model 491160). Each of these larger 491 series model units come with the longest cylinder warranty available in Australia – a 12 year warranty.


When it comes to houses, a larger electric hot water system is par for the course. A house is normally able to accommodate the larger 250 litre, 315 litre or even 400 litre tank, especially when it can be installed outdoors. When a household is trying to service anywhere from 3 to 6 people, then it is essential that it has one of these large electric hot water systems. Additionally, if the water heater is on offpeak heating, then the household hot water usage becomes very economical, as the hot water tank only heats up after midnight (i.e. on the cheaper offpeak rate).

Rheem Electric Hot Water System – 491 Series
(250, 315 & 400 Litre Tanks)

Rheem has the largest choice and best quality electric hot water system available to Australian households. Their older Rheemglas and Rheem Optima tanks have been superseded by the newer, more efficient and longer warranty Rheem 491 series. This state-of-the-art 491 series offers the Rheem 491250, 491315 and 491400 tanks. These 250, 315 and 400 litre units are all single element and all backed by the famous Rheem company and their leading 12 year cylinder warranty.

In most cases, these single element large tanks are more than sufficient for a 3 to 6 people household. Even for heavy hot water users, one can quite easily request their energy provider to change the household’s hot water electricity heating to offpeak 2, meaning a second heating cycle mid-morning occurs.

Electric Hot Water System – Rheem 492 Series
(250, 315 & 400 Litre Tanks - Twin Element )

However, Rheem also has a Twin Element electric hot water system available for those homes that have 2 hot water circuits in their switchboard and where the hot water usage is very high. These Rheem tanks are known as the 492 series, and available in a 250, 315 and 400 litre tank. The Rheem 492250, 492315 and 492400 are also covered by a 12 year warranty and are Australian made.

Installing Your Electric Hot Water System
choosing The Right Company

Whether you live in an apartment, villa or house and wherever you wish to have your electric hot water system installed, you must organise a reputable, experienced, hot water specialist company to install it for you. If not installed by the right company, you can end up with a bad job and potentially dangerous outcome.

Anytime Hot Water is one of the leading electric hot water system installers and has been for over 30 years. We are Rheem Award Winners and one of their leading partners and preferred installers. We are available to take your phone call (1800 633 920) 7 days a week and will always endeavour to give you the best advice and outcome. So phone us now we are ready to help you.

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