Rinnai Hot Water Systems


Catering for all Australian households, we have an extensive range of Rinnai hot water systems. Made with energy efficiency and longevity in mind, they are an excellent choice for those looking to replace their current system. With more than 70 years of research and innovation behind the brand, all Rinnai ElectricGas & Solar Water Heaters are efficient, conserve water, and are very reliable, safe and versatile.

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As industry leaders, Rinnai manufacture electric and gas storage tanks, gas continuous flow systems and solar tank options. The Rinnai solar hot water systems are some of the best in the business, and provide a virtually inexhaustible source of hot water thanks to their electric or gas boosters.

All Hot water systems come in a broad range of sizes and water flow capabilities, so you are sure to find a system that suits your specific requirements – whether you live alone, with family, or in a big share house.


Anytime Hot Water is an award winning company, and has been a VIP Rinnai Installer, Repairer & Seller for many years. For more information regarding these high quality systems, or to have one installed or repaired, call Australia’s most trusted hot water system service provider: Anytime Hot Water.


Alongside the ever-popular Rinnai Infinity, we also stock a number of hot water systems made by this leading brand. If you are looking for a specific system not listed below, call us today and speak with one of our experts.

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Rheem hot water systems
Rheem hot water systems


Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Hot water, the old way versus the new way, The Rinnai Hot water continuous hot water way.

The old way are hot water tanks, there when you don’t need them, constantly heating the water in the tank. Chewing energy even when you are not using them and burning up dollars on your energy bills.

Often using environmentally dirty coal as its primary energy source. Large ugly and taking up metres of usable space.

And only sometimes there when you need it the most.

A long shower or too many hot water outlets running at the same time and it will run out and you will know all about it.

The smarter way is the Rinnai Hot water continuous hot water heater will be there when you most need it.

Rinnai hot water continuous hot water units

The Rinnai hot water continuous hot water units turn on – on demand, heating water when it is needed.

Sensing the no matter how many appliances are in use and the same time. Turning off when it is not in use which will ease you bill shock and saving significantly on energy bills.

Using clean burning gas as its primary energy source.

Compact and space saving design compared to the old style hot water tanks. Never there when you don’t need them.

Old hot water systems vs the new hot water systems – there is no contest.

Rinnai gas hot water systems are available in a host of options including multiple continuous flow systems, hot water storage tanks, warm water valves and heat exchange tanks. Using this technology in conjunction with a wide range of accessories such as solar pre-heating, common flue, circulating pumpsets, controllers and BMS take off points a centralised solution is available for almost any application.

Complete systems can be pre-assembled and skid mounted in our state-of-the-art factory. In addition, our dedicated commercial team can design a modular solution, that can be easily transported and installed, to meet your criteria.

A. Manifold Pack – Peak performer

• Suitable for cafés and child care centres
• Small amenities blocks
• Factories

Our manifold pack consists of 2 to 25 heavy-duty continuous flow water heaters plumbed together. This allows for higher flow rates than a single unit can achieve. The outlet temperature is preset and remains constant, even when the flow varies, providing a reliable source of hot water that only uses gas when there is a demand.

B. Demand Duo – Delivers on Demand

• Hotels and Motels
• Apartment blocks
• Student Accommodations

Rinnai’s Demand Duo system links from one to six of our highly efficient heavy-duty continuous flow water heaters to a heavily insulated stainless steel storage tank. The linking of water heaters to a storage tank, allows for short periods of peak hot water use that are greater than the continuous flow rate the water heaters can achieve on their own. Using new controller technology that offers various temperature settings and a host of other features you can’t go wrong with a Demand Duo.

Whats more the Demand Duo 1 is the perfect solution to replace your existing storage hot water heater with no changes required to the water pipes.

C. Hex250 – Efficiently Manages Water Quality

• Separates consumable water from the heat source
• Stainless steel tanks and coils
• European temperature control technology

The HEX250 is designed to manage water quality across an extensive range of commercial applications. It does so by separating consumable hot water from the heat source.

The HEX250 separates the consumable hot water by running it through stainless steel heat exchange coils that sit inside its heavily insulated tank. Using thermal energy, the hot water stored inside the tank heats the coils, which in turn heat the consumable water.

D. Warm Water Valve – Meets Demand

• Suitable for apartment blocks
• Hospitals and nursing homes
• Aged Care facilities

Our Demand Duo Warm Water Valve is a circulating warm water valve designed to accept incoming hot water (60°C or more) from a hot water storage system, and deliver a reduced constant outlet temperature across a full range of flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

E. Solar Pre-Heat Systems – Make Hot Water While The Sun Shines

• Reduce carbon footprint, save on energy costs
• Stainless steel storage tanks
• High efficiency solar collectors

Our solar pre-heat systems can be used in conjunction with any Rinnai water heating unit. By combining energy from the sun with highly efficient gas hot water heating, considerable savings on the running costs associated with producing hot water can be achieved. Using solar energy to pre-heat commercial gas and electric boosted hot water systems reduces energy consumption, as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

F. Common Flue – Internal Installation Made Easy
• Combines flueing of continuous flow water heaters
• Robust modular construction
• Flexible design with natural draft of fan assisted options
• Patented draft divertor design

A common flue system is designed to control the exhaust of flue gases associated with continuous flow water heating in an unobtrusive and safe manner.

Every gas hot water system is different due to many constraints such as hot water demand, spatial restrictions and building construction to name just a few. A Rinnai common flue system is designed with flexibility in mind allowing either a natural draft or fan assisted flue to be tailor made to suit the plant room available. Manufactured in modules using robust materials makes transport and installation into those hard to reach places easy.


Rinnai are proud to introduce the latest addition to our comprehensive range of hot water systems. This compact appliance will deliver hot water without the need for a powerpoint, ideal for replacement of current systems or low demand hot water applications.

Hotflo 10 – Experience our Innovation

• No power required
• 5.6 Star efficiency rating
• Puretemp™ temperature stability
• Comprehensive warranty

Ideal for applications with no power available or where there is a minimal requirement for hot water, Rinnai are proud to introduce the Hotflo 10.

Our renowned Rinnai innovation has inspired this product, which features our unique Puretemp™ temperature stability technology – eliminating hot and cold temperature fluctuations common in older generation hot water systems.

Class leading gas efficiency and a comprehensive warranty makes the Hotflo 10 the obvious choice for your next hot water replacement.


In the early 90s, Rinnai transformed the way Australians enjoyed hot water, when the first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system was launched. It is called the Rinnai INFINITY Hot Water Systems because it never ran out of hot water, continuous flow of hot water is experienced and admired by every household.

Today the Rinnai INFINITY systems are even more elegant and stylish. Designed with the environment in mind, we have exceeded efficiency across the range and feature low emission burners and better water conservation.

How it works

The Rinnai INFINITY Hot Water Systems work by heating water as it passes through the unit. So you only use energy when you turn the tap on. This process makes the Rinnai INFINITY an exceedingly energy efficient system, as it only heats water when required. In turn, it lower your running costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

• Wireless and wired temperature controllers available
• Never run out of hot water again
• Compact design allows installation flexibility
• Economical to run
• Status operation Monitor on most models
• 12 Year Heat Exchanger warranties
• Puretemp™ temperature stability technology

Add to the Rinnai INFINITY the advantage of water controllers, which let you set your hot water to the perfect temperature.

And when you combine a Rinnai INFINITY system with one of our advanced water controllers, you have one of the most technically sophisticated hot water systems on the market.

Water Controllers

• Rinnai’s unique wireless technology
• Wired or wireless options available
• Safety
• Ease of use
• Temperature controllers

Controllers allow you to simply set your desired hot water temperature, turn on the hot tap and enjoy, no more mixing hot and cold!

NOTE: Water controllers are not able to be used in conjunction with Gas boosted solar hot water systems.

Types of Water Controllers

A. Deluxe Bathroom Controller – Enjoy The Perfect Temperature Every Time
• Master controller usually installed in the Kitchen
• Separate bathroom controllers
• Automatic bath fill function
• Shower saver feature (preset your desired litres)
• Digital clock, speaker and volume controls
• Install up to 4 controllers throughout your home
(Note 4th controller must be either an MC912QA or a wireless controller)

The Rinnai Deluxe Bathroom Controller gives you advanced control of your Rinnai INFINITY system in a smart looking control panel. It is also great for making sure your hot water system is running at its best, as it provides advanced diagnostic checks.

B. Deluxe Kitchen Controller – Precise Temperature Control In The Kitchen
• Usually installed in the kitchen
• Precise temperature control
• Room (priority) transfer
• Smartstart® preheat system functions
• Install up to 4 controllers throughout your home
(Note 4th controller must be either an MC912QA or a wireless controller)

Washing dishes needs water that is up to 15 degrees hotter than the ideal shower. Having advanced control over the temperature of the hot water in your kitchen, which is different to your bathroom, makes perfect sense.

C. Universal Controller
• Precise temperature control
• Room (priority) transfer
• Smartstart® preheat system functions

Get the most out of your Rinnai INFINITY with the water controllers.

Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations. Simply set the water controller at your desired temperature, and then turn on the hot tap. There is no need to add any cold water to achieve your desired temperature. Let the Infinity do all the adjusting for you.

D. Wireless Controller – Control Your Hot Water Temperature From Wherever You Want
• Room (priority) transfer
• Smartstart® preheat system functions
• Child lock

Enjoy all the benefits of temperature control without the hassle of hard wiring and installation. The standalone wireless water controller kit is the perfect system for retrofitting into existing homes.

The Rinnai wireless controller kit includes a water controller and transceiver.

Rinnai has an extensive range of hot water systems that cater for all Australian households. Each range has specific and unique benefits including high efficiencies, water conservation, safety, versatility as well as guaranteed reliability.

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