Vulcan Electric Hot Water System

With Top Quality Materials and Parts Engineered To Last

Does your current hot water system require replacement? In need of an electric hot water system that is suitable for a medium-sized house? The 250-litre Vulcan Electric Hot Water system has all the qualities you will require in a hot water system. For instance, it is affordable and has a durable design that is manufactured using top-quality materials and parts that have been engineered to last.

It is important noting that all hot water system are prone to damage during the heating cycle as a result of a change in temperature and pressure. However, there is one hot water storage tank that is built with high-strength steel. This is so to make sure it has the ability to withstand any potential damage and thus consistently supply you with hot water for several years. And that tank is known as Vulcan Electric hot water storage system.

The Design as Adaptable as Possible

The design for Vulcan Electric hot water storage system ensures it becomes as adaptable as possible. Furthermore, depending on the requirements of your home, you can install this hot water storage system either in the outdoor or indoor locations. Due to the requirement to meet the current industry standards, it is mandatory to install the Vulcan electric hot water system on a base that is approved or recessed within the wall cavity. Even with its large capacity of 250 litres, this tank is designed to be as compact as possible to allow for easy installation.

This 250-litre Vulcan hot water storage system can sufficiently serve medium-sized home with three to five people. In a bid to enhance your safety, you can contact a licensed tradesperson to adjust the Vulcan electric’s water temperatures to sixty degrees. Alternatively, the water temperatures in the Vulcan electric can be subjected to automatic control using a thermostat to ensure you get consistently warm water all through.

With Comprehensive Warranty Policy

In a bid to give you a peace of mind, the Vulcan 250-litre electric hot water system comes with a comprehensive warranty policy that includes a cylinder warranty of seven years, cylinder labour warranty of three years, labour and parts warranty of one year. It is an amazing deal, isn’t it?

Parts Always Readily Available

Have you ever wanted to do repairs to your current hot water system, but the repairs could not commence because you had to wait for the replacement parts to be ordered and brought in? Fortunately, the same will not happen once you install the Vulcan hot water system. Its parts, fittings are always readily available and can be easily obtained by your local trade supplier or plumber. As a result, it won’t be necessary to wait for a long time before your hot water can start running again!

The Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repair and Installation Service Provider

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We pride as an award-winning company that has been installing, repairing and selling VIP Vulcan hot water system for several years.

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