Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem Hot Water Storage Systems

Since its inception, Rheem has been the mother of Australia’s chosen hot water unit brand Rheem Hot Water Systems. The brand has served Australia’s households and businesses in the provision of hot, steady and strong water.

For over 60 years, Rheem has been Australia’s company of choice, gaining the trust of most Australians. For these 60+ years, Rheem has been in operation, it has transformed several homes bringing energy efficient solutions and lowering the power bills. These solutions have made the company stand out from the rest.

Rheem electric storage heaters are very much affordable and are, therefore, an ideal home remedy for all your hot water needs. Rheem has, and will always give you an answer to all your home’s hot water needs. These hot water heaters are readily available and in various sizes to address all your family water needs regardless of the family size and water demand. What’s more, these heaters come with numerous off-peak tariffs to enable you to make huge savings.

Why Rheem Offers The Best Product For You

Rheem has adapted a large-scale scope in providing hot water unit solutions in Australia. For instance, the company provides a wide range of sizes and capacities suitable for any condition. Some of the unique water heating solutions Rheem provides include heat pump or continuous flow, electric storage or gas, and solar solutions that are not only power-efficient but also strong.

1. Rheem Continuous Flow

– This solution ensures there’s uninterruptible hot water all day for your use;
– Its 5-star energy efficient;
– It has Remote Temperature Controllers to the convenience of controlling the water temperatures;
– It’s dense and easily mountable on walls; and
– Has a 10-year warranty.

2. Rheem Stellar

– Allows for a quick address to your hot water needs;
– Provides adequate pressure to serve numerous taps and showers – ideal for large families;
– Has a 10-year warranty; and
– Its 5-star energy efficient.

3. Gas Storage Hot Water

– It’s available in all sizes, and, therefore, ideal for any family regardless of the family size;
– Provides for on-the-spot hot water shower and/or tap;
– Has adequate pressure in pipes, ensuring that water is available at all times; and
– Allows for quick and easy replacement and/or fixing of worn-out water heaters.

4. Heat Pump

– Its effectiveness surpasses that of the electric water heaters;
– Can work all day and night non-stop, every day; and
– It is the best among its peers, yet it provides a simple solar solution.

5. Solar

– It offers the best way to heat up water;
– Can tremendously bring down your power bills and energy consumption; and
– This water-heating technology takes care of the environment.

The Experts

As a company, we have invested in experienced heavily in getting experienced service agents to help you solve your home’s hot water problems. Remember, knowledge is power!

Our experts will ensure you get expert advice necessary to guide you on whatever hot water problem you have. Rheem Hot Water Systems experts will help you in getting one solution that addresses your hot water needs.

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