Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems​
Heat pump hot water systems
Heat pump hot water systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems – Energy Efficient

Heat Pump hot water systems are now one of the most popular choices of water heaters in Australia, with consumers opting for eco-friendly and energy efficient systems. Whether it is for a newly built home or as a replacement of an existing electric hot water system, the heat pump has become the choice for households.

Rather than relying on the sun (as a solar water heater does), the Heat Pump Hot Water System only relies on the air, allowing it to work 365 days of the year. That is, the Heat Pump draws in the air surrounding it, and this becomes the main source of energy that heats up the water. In so doing, the Heat Pump uses a small fraction of the electricity that a standard electric tank does. The savings can be huge with Heat Pumps using up to as much as 75% less electricity to that of a normal electric tank.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems – Brands

There are many brands of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems now available in Australia. The leading heat pumps are the Chromagen Midea and the Rheem Mpi325, followed by others such as Thermann, Rinnai, Dux, Sandon, Quantum, etc.

Choosing The Right Heat Pump

Choosing the right Heat Pump is difficult and this is where speaking to an experienced heat pump company is critical. Here at Anytime Hot Water, we are Heat Pump specialists and have installed thousands of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems over the last 30 years. Our staff, both office and technicians, have extensive experience with repairs and replacements of many types of Heat Pumps. This experience enables us to advise our customers as to the most suitable Heat Pump for their own personal needs

Chromagen Midea Heat Pump 170l – Leading The Way

When it comes to flexibility, performance, energy efficiency & low costs, the Chromagen Midea Heat Pump leads the way. The technologically advanced Chromagen Midea Heat Pump comes with a unique Timer and user-friendly LED Control screen, allowing the installer to customise its settings to suit each individual household.

This means we can set the Heat Pump to heat up at times that suit the customer and the customer’s lifestyle. Different modes, such as Hybrid mode and E-Heat mode, add yet another form of customised settings for each individual household. Additionally, the Chromagen Midea 170 Litre Heat Pump is super fast in its recovery, allowing households of up to 6 people, to enjoy the benefits of its heating.

Chromagen Midea Heat Pump 280l – For High Usage

However, if a home uses a spa bath or large baths regularly, or has extremely high usage, then the Chromagen Midea 280 Litre Commercial Heat Pump is the more suitable choice. The Chromagen Midea 280 Litre Heat Pump, with its larger capacity of storage, copes with excess initial usage much better, especially where a spa bath is concerned.

The whisper-quiet technology of the Midea Heat Pump also makes it one of the quietest heat pumps on the market, with its 48 decibels being quieter than a normal air conditioner. The fact that it comes as one piece (the fan being at the top of the tank) coupled with its easy parts replacement construction, makes it both easy to install and easy to service and repair.

Anytime Hot Water – Experts With Heat Pumps

Anytime Hot Water are experts with the Chromagen Midea Heat Pump, whether it comes to a new installation, replacing an existing tank, or a repair. We carry most parts and understand the system well. So, you are in the best hands when dealing with us and our specialist team of technicians. This same level of expertise extends to many of the other Heat Pumps, such as the Rheem MPi325.

Rheem Heat Pumps

The Rheem heat pumps comprise of 2 models : The Rheem MPi325 (Model # HP551325) and the Rheem HDi-310 (Model # 551310). Both of these Rheem Heat Pumps have the same storage capacity of 315 Litres. The main difference between the two models is the positioning of the Heat Pump and compressor.

That is, whereas the Rheem MPi325 has the Heat Pump and compressor positioned low to the ground (to reduce the level of noise), the Rheem 551310 has its Heat Pump and compressor at the very top of the cylinder (making it slightly nosier). However, an advantage of the 551310 is that, with its Heat Pump and compressor up high, is that it is more efficient. Therefore, in colder climates, the Rheem 551310 is the better option.

The Rheem MPi325 has whisper quite technology, making it popular for households, where the Heat Pump noise is reduced. This Rheem MPi325 (Model 551325) is more suitable for warmer climates and standard family usage, as opposed to heavy usage. It also comes with a backup element and frost protection. Relying on the air surrounding it, the Rheem MPi325 does not rely on direct sunlight and is able to operate day and night.

The Rheem HDi-310 Heat Pump is more suitable for larger families or larger usage households. It has a fast recovery as a result of its top down design, with the heated water at the top of the tank immediately available for usage. Therefore, the waiting time for this Heat Pump to reheat is significantly reduced. This Rheem HDi-310 (Model 551310) also has a back up element as well as frost protection.

Our long-standing relationship with Rheem means that we carry most of the common parts and any other parts required can be sourced very quickly. This enables us to perform a Rheem Heat Pump repair quickly. The same applies to a Rheem Heat Pump replacement or installation. We stock the Rheem MPi325 and if we run out, then we can organise for a quick delivery so that the customer is back in hot water as fast as possible.

Heat pump hot water systems

Heat Pump – Repairs, Replacements & Installs

Wherever you live in Sydney, Campbelltown, Wollongong, ACT, Central Coast or Newcastle, we can repair or replace most Heat Pumps fast and efficiently, always striving to give you, the customer, the best advice in this highly specialised field. For the best service and price, phone the Heat Pump experts at Anytime Hot Water on 1800-633-920 now or email us. We are ready and willing to help you.

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