Dairy Hot Water Heaters

Reliable & Dependable Low Pressure Products That Last

The manufacturing journey for the Wilson Dairy Hot Water Heaters begun in 1930 with the creation of low-pressure water heaters meant for home use. Due to the reliability of the products we manufacture, a word went round that made several industries to accept our work as top notch. As a result, Wilson Hot Water Heater products experienced a fast-growing demand, making the company grow at a very fast rate, with the reputation of Wilson going over the roof.

Rapid Flow Dairy Heaters

All our units have adjustable thermostats and come with a tip to toe anodes. Our wide range of dairy heaters make it possible for anyone to choose one that suits their cleaning programs using a rule of the thumb – 25 litres for a set of cups each day.

Wilson has availed four flexible options to choose from. For instance, their traditional copper cylinder that has a colourbond case is available in premium stainless steel cylinder that has an outer case made from polished stainless steel.

“D” Series Dairy Heaters

This series of the heater is available in two options; with or without the attached header tank. When the heater is installed using a separate header tank, its maximum head pressure must not exceed 6 metres. The pressure is measured from the storage unit’s base to the top of its open vent pipe.

In any case, all these models come in a variety of sizes and are fitted with the main and booster elements. The booster elements are used in restoring heat that is lost between the milking in the morning and evening.

It can either be controlled by the time switch or be manually turned on/off. The element sizes have a basis of 8-hour heating cycle. They can, however, be varied on request.

Solar Solutions For Dairy Hot Water

With the ever-increasing energy costs, dairy hot water heaters can add to the growing list of appliances contributing to high energy consumption in the dairy shed. Wilson knows this very well. As a result, they have designed a dairy hot water heater product.

This takes advantage of the solar technology to minimize the energy costs besides conserving the environment. The solar product for the dairy industry uses high-performance Evacuated Tube Technology integrated to a Wilson tank suiting your dairy farm’s hot water requirements.

The Leading Installation & Repair Company For Wilson Hot Water System

Our company, Anytime Hot Water, offers help to anyone that has Wilson hot water system installed at his/her premises. We have got a wide range of required accessories that make it possible to repair your hot system. Therefore, avoiding unnecessary replacement of your heating units that have a potential to serve you for more years if repaired.

Our team of Anytime Hot Water technicians are friendly and will more often than not get you a solution to your problem which could be a dysfunctional or leaking unit. We offer mobile services to all our customers. Meaning our repair team will always come to where you are with all the required accessories. This ensures you get the help you need on the spot.

In some cases, our team of technicians may conclude that your heating equipment can no longer be subjected to a repair due to its state. In such a case, our team will help you get a replacement of your heating equipment from a wide variety model available from reputable brands.

All is not lost if your Hocking hot water system becomes dysfunctional. Contact us here at Anytime Hot Water for reliable repair services. We shall make every effort to get a solution to your hot water problem – and we never leave you with no hot water. Give us a call today on 1800 633 920!

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