DEL AU Hot Water Systems

Reliable And Efficient Hot Water Units

Looking for hot water? Try out the Stiebel Eltron DEL AU Hot Water Systems. This three-phase electronic is powered by 415V mains electricity and generates plenty of pressure. It is not only reliable but also has the ability to instantaneously heat produce 50°C of hot water on demand.

To be able to generate the required outcome, the system utilises sophisticated electronic technology. This maintains the temperature of the delivery of hot water at no more than 50°C. It, therefore, satisfies the AS3498 standards. In regards to this, the technology negates the need for a distinct tempering valve to achieve the same objective.

Engineering Excellence from Stiebel Eltron

The following are some of the top features of this remarkable hot water system:

• Manufactured in Germany.
• Designed for Australian operating conditions.
• Regulates the water temperatures accurately.
• Incorporates an electronic safety system with an air detection.
• Displays hot water temperature selection via the LED display.
• Possesses both the TMax and the Memory functions.
• Confers premium comfort and safety.
• WaterMark Lic No. WMKA00301.
• Certifies the AS3498 standard.

Efficient by Design

To enable it to discharge its roles effectively, the system exudes the following traits and ergonomics:

• Attains a maximum heating temperature of 50°C.
• Installed at the point of use.
• Saves a great deal of hot water.
• Conserves power by reason of not storing water.

Installation Flexibility

You will equally find the system pretty flexible to install. This is made possible by a confluence of features and awesome characteristics. Below are but a few of them:

• Requires no tempering valve.
• Approved to AS3498.
• Has a bare wire element which provides quick control of the temperature of the water.
• Suitable for both hard and soft water areas.
• Compact in size.
• Saves space during installation.
• Requires no safe tray.
• Needs no ventilation.

The system is available in the following two main sizes:

• 19.4kW, 27A per phase; three-phase 415V

• 28kW, 40A per phase; three-phase 415V


It is backed by these warranties and after-sales services:

• 5-year full parts warranty.
• Domestic warranty.
• Terms and conditions apply.

The hot water services provided for by Stiebel Eltron offer a diverse array of systems to tackle unique requirements and needs. These include the continuous flow of hot water units and the heat-pump water heaters. The heat pumps it produces are leaders in innovation. They remain an excellent option for those who may be intent on diminishing their utility bills and their carbon footprints.

Stiebel Eltron Hot Water System

Generally speaking, the heat pumps suck in air from the external environment. They use a small fan to produce the heat. This procedure requires a reasonable amount of electricity (this is merely one-third of the electrical energy that is required by the ordinary electric hot water systems). They come in diverse shapes and sizes. This provides you with a broad choice to select from for your household.

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