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Dux is Australia’s oldest hot water system manufacturer, producing quality hot water systems since 1915. Their continued success has been based on their commitment to research and development, resulting in innovative, technologically advanced systems.

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Whether you are looking at purchasing a standard Dux hot water heater, or want to head down the path of solar or heat pump technology, Dux Hot Water System will have a unit that suits your needs.

They manufacture a variety of different systems, including electric, gas, solar and heat pump, and all are very reasonably priced. They also make continuous flow gas systems, which are ideal when space is a concern. Dux Hot Water System has a variety of sizes on offer, you are sure to find a system that suits your specific requirements – whether you’re a couple, or a large family.

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Anytime Hot Water is an award winning company. In fact, we were first at the Dux Solar Institute, and are proud to be a VIP Dux repairer, installer and eco-plumber. We are your company of choice when it comes to the repair and replacement of Dux systems. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Australia’s most trusted Dux water heater service provider: Anytime Hot Water.


The following are just some of the systems we have available. If you are looking for a specific system not listed below, call us today and speak with an expert.

  • Proflo
  • Prodigy
  • Endurance
  • Sunpro
  • Airoheat


Dux Hot Water Systems
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