Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Problems

 Hot Water System Repairs

There is a need to check on your hot water heater problems before they go off hand. Below is a list of some typical heater problems you might have been experiencing:

  • Have you ever experienced terrible shower from your water heater?
  • Are there instances when cold water comes out instead of warm water?
  • Do you usually experience unusual noises emitting from the water heater when in use?

We are going to focus on the common water heater problems and suggest ways to approach them.

Water not getting hot

There are many instances when the water heater fails to supply heated water. This is because this water does not pass the average 5 seconds of the cold water. But this is a minor problem as compared to a situation where water does not heat at all.

These problems might be as a result of many factors as explained here. There is a possibility of electric heater resistance. The best thing to do in this case is to find the best water heater that suits the electrical supply.

Another option is that hot water may fail to come out due to the loss of electric supply. That is why you are encouraged to contact the electrician to come and examine the circuit breaker.

Secondly, there might be faulty parts of the water heater that are delaying its functioning. The right thing to do is having all these parts replaced with new ones.

Or you can as well replace the entire heating elopement if it has failed. This typically happens when the heater gets too hot thus making it trip the limit switch within.

Too Much Hot Water

Feeling that the water is so hot to the extent of scalding yourself?

This typically occurs due to incorrect settings hence causing the heater to experience abnormal temperatures and pressures. You need to check these settings and then adjust them accordingly.

Too much hot water might also be due to faulty thermostat settings which need to be checked and then adjusted accordingly or be replaced. Adjustment is only possible if you discover that it is set too high.

You can also call an expert to come and examine this device if you find out that there are no changes after the adjustment. Moreover, this condition might be as a result of misplacement of pressure valve or even a faulty part.

This situation only requires an expert opinion to be rectified.

Unusual noises

Sometimes when substances accumulate on the heating element, they might cause this device to make strange noises. In this case, you will hear weird sounds in tank rambling or bang.

This noise might also be caused by leakage, high pressure as well as the expansion and contraction of pipes. This is an indication that a particular element needs to be replaced.

It is advisable to look for a professional to take a look at this issue.

Discoloured water

This is an indication that the anode rod or the tank may be corroded and needs to be replaced before the situation gets worse. This problem might also be caused by sediment build-up thus making the water discoloured. The only remedy for this is to flush the tank.

Leaking Water

Sometimes an electric water heater might start leaking either from the top or the bottom; this might be due to normal condensation or an overflowed pipe due to loose piping or excess pressure.

The best thing to do in this case is to approach an expert from a professional water heater company to look at this issue or make a replacement.

This problem is joint at the base of the water heater due to low pressure, corrosion, overheating or inadequate plumbing. That is why you are advised to look for an expert for the necessary adjustment.

An expert might also recommend a replacement of the corroded part as well as the reduction of the thermostat setting to fix all these issues in the required manner. In time of needs when a problem happens, Anytime Hot Water is just a call away 1800 633 920 to look into it and we are more than glad to help you.

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