Working Hot Water System

Working Hot Water System

Got Enough Supply Of Hot Water?

A working hot water system ensures you have an ample supply of hot water to your home for different uses. It is very comfortable, convenient and healthy to begin your morning with a refreshing shower or unwind in the evening after a hectic day with a bath or something similar.

But what do you do when instead of warm water, you encounter unpleasant cold water?

This is a sign that your hot water system is not working properly. Do not panic, you can call an expert plumber or check a few things yourself. Follow the steps below when your hot water heater is not working.

Check The Energy Supply

The first area you should check is the energy supply. Water heaters can either use gas or electricity for energy.

If your water heater uses electricity, check the circuit breaker box. Is the fuse in place or it has tripped? A tripped fuse shows that your energy supply is the problem.

If you have a gas water heater, make sure that the hoses are securely connected. You should also check that the pilot light is still lit. If the hoses are loose, tighten them and in case the pilot light has gone out, light it again.

These two measures can restore the water heater to its working condition.

Check The Temperature Setting

Sometimes the problem is with the temperature setting. The temperature setting determines the warmth of the water you receive.

If the temperature setting is low, and if hot water is being used in another place in the house, the hot water in the shower will not be as warm as it should. Therefore, adjusting this setting could solve the problem.

Reduced Water Pressure

Small piping can hinder the water supply, lowering the output pressure. If you are experiencing this, replace the pipe with a bigger one to increase the output pressure.

Another cause of low water pressure is accumulated sediments within your pipes or a leaking water tank. These two problems require the assistance of a professional plumber.

Smelly Water

There is a big difference between smelly water and dirty water. They are caused by different factors. Smelly water can occur as a result of bacteria growth in the tank, giving off the foul odour. Periodic chemical treatment of your tank can solve the problem.

When To Call A Professional Plumber

Many other problems can occur with your water heater system, all due to various reasons. Since you want to enjoy uninterrupted supply of warm water in the house, it is important to ensure your system is in a working condition always.

If you follow the troubleshooting steps above and the problem still persists, your water heater requires professional servicing. If it is old, a replacement may be necessary.

A plumber can professionally diagnose the problem, make the repairs or replace the water heater for you. No matter your brand, a professional plumber will help you.

Parting Shot

You can solve some of the problems with your water heater if you follow some basic troubleshooting steps. However, when your heater needs major repairs, or it is to be replaced, call a professional plumber.

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