Maintenance Of Dux Hot Water Systems

Maintenance Of Dux Hot Water Systems

Reliable Maintenance From Dux Hot Water Systems

If you carry out regular maintenance of your system, then you will find that it works better and lasts longer. It will also be a lot safer. You are able to carry out the six monthly service yourself by following the process detailed below.

1. Make sure that you are completely clear of the outlet for the Pressure & Temperature Relief (PTR) Valve drain pipe.
2. Lift the lever on the PTR valve so that it opens and keep it open for approximately ten seconds. Make sure that the waste water flows into the drainage pipe.
3. Close the lever slowly and gently, making sure that it is correctly closed.
4. If your water heater has an expansion control valve installed then you should repeat the above process for this component.
5. Remove any debris from the grill at the top of the water heater and from the louvres.

If you experience any other problem with your boiler then you should not attempt any repairs yourself, but instead, call 1800 633 920 for the assistance of a professional.

Five-Year Service

Every five years a thorough service should be carried out by a licensed tradesperson. A Dux or Anytime Hot Water Service Agent is probably the best choice because they will have a good working knowledge of your system.

If the water in your areas exceeds 600 mg/L of Total Dissolved Solids then this service will need to be carried out every three years.

There are several aspects that this service should cover.

– The PTR Valve should be replaced.
– Both anodes should be replaced.
– If an expansion control valve is installed this should be inspected and flushed.
– The condensate gutter should be cleared of any debris and the condensate drain line should also be checked to make sure that it is clear.
– Any dust that has accumulated on the evaporator or louvres should be removed.
– The fan blades and grill should be cleaned.

When all these steps have been completed then the system will need to be flushed and drained before it is ready to use.

If you need any replacement parts then these can be purchased directly from Dux or at Anytime Hot Water. Give us a call 1800 633 920 to assist you.

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