The DUX Hot Water Heater Range

The DUX Hot Water Heater Range

Choosing The Best & Cost-Effective DUX Hot Water Heater

Dux are experts in hot water systems as they have been in the industry since 1915. The DUX hot water heater range of products come with a guarantee of durability and are most suited to the ever-changing temperatures of Australia. The Dux Hot Water Systems features some of the most efficient and economical water heaters.

Dux is a comprehensive provider of hot water systems. Their provision includes electric, gas, solar boosted systems and heat pump systems. You will even find storage systems as well as hot water heaters with Dux.

Efficient hot water-heaters from Dux includes:

Dux Condensing/Continuous Flow – the Company’s condensing continuous flow system is one of the smallest domestic condensing heaters in the market. It is known for its energy efficiency with a rate of 6.7 stars.

This secondary heat exchanger comes with a next-generation type of technology with a 90% thermal efficiency.

Dux Non-Condensing/Continuous Flow – The highly efficient and compact hot water heater is available in three different sizes: 17 L/min, 21 L/min, and 26 L/min. There is always a system that will meet all your water heating needs. The system will operate on either LPG or natural gas and provide a continuous hot water on a 24/7 basis.

Dux Sunpro-Gas Boosted and Solar Heaters – The extremely efficient, reliable, and cost-saving hot water heater provides you with hot water on a 24/7 basis. It comes with a 315 litres tank capacity suitable for homes with 2-6 people. It has a split-system design and comes with a Dux gas and solar booster to take care of low sunlight seasons.

Dux Sunpro-Electric Boosted Solar Heater – The heater carries 250 to 400-litre capacities suitable for homes with 2-7 people. It has a split design which allows the solar collectors to be located on the roof and the storage tanks on the ground floor. This makes it easy for a perfect installation that does not require reinforcing the roof.

Dux Airoheat-heat pump – The most awards winning pump in its category due to its efficiency is ideal in case your building is not suitable for a solar installation. It is the next from solar systems in terms of being environmentally friendly.

Dux Prodigy-Gas storage Heaters – The gas storage heaters come in two categories: Dux Prodigy/4 gas storage and 5 gas storage. The range includes a patented damper designed to largely reduce the effect of heat loss. The prodigy does not require power points.

Dux Proflo-Electric Storage Heaters – The range offers the ideal alternative to the convention high energy consuming electric heaters. The range is wide with 25-400 litres units for any size of a home.


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