Vulcan Gas Boosted Solar Indirect System

Vulcan Gas Boosted Solar Indirect System

Excellent Choice And Reliable Hot Water System

Perhaps no other hot water system beats the Vulcan brand as regards reliable hot water heating. One of its leading units that are available is the Vulcan Gas Boosted Solar Indirect System. Known for providing high quality, the hard-working Vulcan systems are nonetheless very affordable. This hot water system is great for those who are on the lookout for durable hot water systems. This stems from their manufacture of extremely high-quality materials.

The All-weather Frost-protected Solar Solution

• Unique ‘drain-back’ heat exchange technology that offers protection in the most extreme weather conditions.
• Compact 160-litre split system design.
• Accompanied by two solar connectors.
• 20 or the 27 litres-per-minute continuous flow gas boosting.
• Solar pump and controller that is factory-fitted and internally-housed.
• Reduces greenhouse emissions and loss of energy.

All-weather Applications

This system eliminates the risks or likelihoods of the solar panels to freeze or overheat even without power. This is made possible by the dedicated ‘Drain-back’ heat exchange design. No other competitor matches or comes even close to this system.

Compact Split System

Other than being reliable at all times, the equipment also fits just about every other available storage space. It guarantees this by reason of possessing the latest 20 and the 27 litres-per-minute flow-gas booster technology. This also ensures that you shall obtain a steady and uninterrupted supply of water at all times.

Supreme Efficiency

With all of its tank capacity readily available for solar heating, the system as a whole has a 5-star efficient gas boosting. These two jointly reduces the consumption of water by a whopping 60%!

Simpler Installation

Much of the traditional installation components of the system are fitted in the factory. In light of this, the VSi160 exudes a professional finish and is also simpler to install, on the whole.

5-year Warranty

This VSi160 is accompanied by a generous 5-year warranty. It is also safeguarded by an extensive Australia network back-up. The Vulcan® brand supplies both gas and electric storage water heaters as well as the gas-boosted solar systems. The gas-boosted solar systems are of late gaining great popularity given their environmentally-friendly nature. They are also cheaper by the virtue of reducing the gas bills.

What’s more? The Vulcan® brand of water storage cylinders is manufactured using the high-quality steel which withstands varying water temperatures and pressure. This sees to it that the tank lasts quite a long duration of time.

The Vulcan® Value

On the whole, the Vulcan brand brings along high-quality construction and top-notch performance. This is not to mention the extremely affordable prices. Other than these, the Vulcan brand is also great due to a confluence of three main factors. These are:

Excellent Construction
The brand is made of quality materials and proven technology that is great and excellent.

Tough and Strong
On the whole, the cylinder is tough and strong. This arises from the high-strength steel construction that is very tough as to effectively withstand the various water and heating cycle pressures.

Vulcan gas models have balanced steel and flue jackets. These two components simplify the installation of the model besides being more convenient to live with. This adaptability allows you to mount it easily on a wall or a recessed wall cavity.

With Back-up
If you need a spare part for your Vulcan it is good to know they are readily available across the country. Moreover, there are a host of electricians and plumbers who are always on standby to service them.

Leading Vulcan Hot Water System Repairer & Installer

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