A sure fast and professional way to get your new hot water system installed

A sure fast and professional way to get your new hot water system installed

This article relates to helping you find a sure fast and professional way to get your new hot water system installed.

Hot water is, naturally, of the utmost importance to you and your family. So, first and foremost you need to do your due diligence so as to ensure that you will not be dealing with an amateur. In the main, you need to be looking for an experienced company, well versed in the type of water heater which applies to your situation.

Receiving a quote for the installation before your installer arrives on site

It is vital that you get an accurate price over the phone from your installer, prior to the installer coming out to your home. This is due to the fact that many installers will charge you for coming out initially, just to provide you with a quote for doing the installation. In this case, if the quote is unacceptable, you will have unnecessarily spent a certain amount for the initial call out, without even getting the job done.

There are a few quality companies that are able to quote you over the phone, due to their experience within the industry and their in-depth product knowledge on the numerous water heaters available. Your initial conversation over the phone with the installer company should be a reasonably detailed discussion with regard to the set up at your home. Before you put your call in to the installer you should arm yourself with all the particulars on your existing hot water system.

Specifically, you should let him know of the brand of water heater (e.g. Rheem, Dux or Rinnai), the model number and the date of manufacture or date of installation. In any event, depending on his experience, the model number should be sufficient and will automatically inform the installer of the water heater’s brand and type (i.e. whether it is gas or electric or another type of hot water unit).

The installer should also ask about the exact location of your water heater. For example, it may be indoor or it may be outdoor. If indoor, what room is it in, and is it sitting on the floor or is it wall mounted on brackets, or in a cupboard ? If outdoor, is it on a concrete plinth at the side of your property, or is it sitting on the back patio, or is it wall mounted on an external wall ?

The installer’s quote should allow for all of these things, only once he has received all the relevant details pertaining to your individual situation. For instance, depending on the difficulty of the job, it may require 2 men to be on site. The quoted price could also vary greatly, if for example, you are wanting something other than a straightforward changeover (i.e. like for like). So, it may be a good idea to get 2 quotes; one for a straight changeover and one for, if say, you are thinking of changing systems from an electric water heater to a gas continuous flow unit. This will help you weigh up the costs for both now and in the future (i.e. ongoing utility bills).

You should also try to get the installer’s quote to include the removal of your old existing hot water system. Also, if your installation requires an electrician, check to see if the company has an electrician on board, as this will also save you having to call upon 2 different companies to get the 1 job done. It will also save you time and the hassle of having to coordinate 2 different installers from different companies.

Getting the installation scheduled

Due to the urgent nature of all hot water jobs, it is paramount that the company performing the installation are able to do so, on the very same day you call for your quote. When a hot water system is in need of replacement it is crucial that you get it replaced as soon as possible due to the dangers involved. When a water heater bursts or explodes, it sometimes leaks rusty discoloured water. This rupturing of your existing water heater means that it simply needs to be replaced. If you delay your new installation in any way, you could, for example, be confronted by possible flooding to your property. So, make sure that you get your job scheduled and booked in as a matter of urgency. otherwise, you may experience other costs as a result of damage caused to your home by the old water heater.

Completion of your new hot water system

Once you have accepted the installer’s quote and booked in the job, you can pretty much leave the rest to the installer. Providing you have done your due diligence and the installer is well prepared, then there should be no reason for any hiccups, regarding the execution of your installation. A straightforward, like for like replacement should take, on average, 2 hours to complete.

In conclusion, what you are looking for is a reliable, trustworthy, experienced and efficient installer (company). Additionally, you should ensure the company is fully licensed and has the experience of working within your local area. One that is prompt and operates 24/7 will also be an added benefit.

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They are fully accredited with all the major hot water manufacturers, such as Rheem, Dux and Rinnai, mentioned previously, and in particular, they have won the 2014 Rheem award.

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