Dux Hot Water Prodigy 5 Star Gas Storage

Dux Hot Water Prodigy 5 Star Gas Storage


Dux introduces the new prodigy five water heater designed for convenience the new Dux prodigy five star gas storage water system replaces the footprint of external three-star Dux hot water system units for a simple install.

Let’s see how it works.

One of the innovative features of the new Dux hot water prodigy five star storage unit is it flu damper what’s the water temperature in the tank drops low enough to require heating sensor opens the damper flap at the top of the unit

The burner then ignites and hates the water whilst the damper is open what’s the water in the tank reaches temperature to guess switch is off and the damper closes to stop any hot air from escaping in this water heater can deliver well over 2000 L of hot water in a 24 hour period.

The new flu damper together with additional insulation built into the prodigy five water heater provides increased efficiency whilst still offering main water flow. The new Dux prodigy five not only offers outstanding five star efficiency, a simple install and a worlds first innovation but it is also made right here in Australia by an Australia owned company.

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