Hot Water System Prices

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Hot Water System Prices

Besides our great service and 30 years experience, we also offer the best legitimate hot water system prices. These best hot water prices relate to supply and install of new tanks and tankless units. Whether it be Electric Hot Water Tanks or Tankless water heaters, or the Gas equivalent in Storage Tanks or Tankless, we have great price deals. The same applies to our exclusive range of the world leading Heat Pumps and Solar Tanks. Virtually any hot water system price enquiries should be directed to us first or to compare to others. Our price, service and experience cannot be beaten.

We are available at anytime which includes weekends!

Electric Hot Water Prices

With regards to quality Electric Tanks, you can’t beat the Rheem tanks. Their smaller 47 Litre Compact & 50 Litre both come with a market leading 7 year cylinder warranty. Depending on when you call and taking manufacturer price rises into account, you can get a supply, install and take away for between $699 – $799*.

The larger Rheem 491 series range from 80 Litre to 400 Litre. The 80 Litre and 125 Litre are for most often found in apartments & villas, whereas the 250, 315 & 400 Litre tanks are for houses. Prices for supply, installation & removal range from $925 – $1995*. The twin element range are more expensive due to their extra components in construction.

Gas Hot Water System Prices

For Gas Hot Water Systems, the Rheem brand is the only Sydney-made tank, with its huge state-of-the-art Rydalmere manufacturing plant site. Their Gas Tank range is the only one in Australia to offer both outdoor and indoor units. They have their 4 star 347135 & 347170, and their 5 star Rheem Stella 850330 & 850360. These best of the market gas tanks start at as low as $1195* and range up to $1995*

The Gas Continuous Flow water heater prices are unbelievable. They can start at as low as $999* (including installation) and even the bigger 26 can start at as low as $1199* for the best product, Rheem. Rheem 26 prices include their latest technology, the flame safe, 3 thermistors & their error display window. Better still, in the event of an emergency repair, parts can be got by us from their Sydney warehouse. This is significant because with most other brands, you often have to wait up to one week for parts because they make have to come from interstate. These delays often apply to brands with their head office in other states, like Melbourne.

Best Prices for Hot Water in Sydney

Our hot water prices get even better with the eco-friendly Heat Pump, as well as solar tank set up. With our most experienced installer of these products as part of our long standing team, the price and service is market leading. Our Heatpump price, including install, commissioning, delivery & removal, starts at a low $1,995*. Likewise the solar tank setup starts at a lowly $3,495*

So whatever you want in hot water, phone us on 1800-633-920 and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members. We will give you all the best information & advice, but also the very best legitimate hot water price and will include install, commissioning, delivery and removal . Our installers are amongst the most experienced in the industry, with continual up to date training in all the leading brands & model options. This is so important because without the correct commissioning being performed at the end of the install, you will unfortunately not have a hot water heater working optimally. Having the right company install these technical and ever changing hot water units, especially the Gas Tankless units, Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heaters, is absolutely critical. So with us at Anytime Hot Water, you are going to receive the best install & best price. Phone us now to discover the difference on 1800-633-920.


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