Hot Water Heating System

Hot Water Heating System

The presently complicated process of hot water heating system installation can be simplified by the weighing up of options and a quick overview of the technical aspects.

Though the installation process is not a DIY job and requires a certified plumber or gasfitter, selection of the hot water heating system solely depends on the individuals juggling and judging of factors like energy efficiency, personal consumption and cost effectiveness.

The Top Hot Water Heater Systems You Can Use Today

With five different types of water heaters to choose from- electric storage systems, gas hot water storage systems, instantaneous water heaters, solar water heaters and heat pumps, the buyer’s consumption need is the foremost factor affecting selection.

How Do You Know Which Hot Water Heater System Is Right For You?

It depends on your needs.

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Small households can use instantaneous water heaters to heat water as and when needed. In spite of the slow flow of water and limited quantity available at a time, instantaneous heaters come out as the most energy efficient and cost-friendly in the long run. Instantaneous heaters are also more suitable for warmer and milder climates.

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A larger household can use solar water heaters or heat pumps. Solar water heaters may pose a problem of functionality in colder climates of mountains because of unpredictable weather conditions. Thus, in such places heat pumps are more viable, and it also suffices the constant need for hot water due to its larger capacity. Against these, gas and electrical heaters are tempting for their lower market price, but turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

Also they use conventional sources of energy that lead to fuel wastage at a time where conservation of energy is the need of the hour. Thus, water heaters using renewable energy of the sun(solar water heater) and air(heat pump) may be chosen over energy-intensive gas and electrical heaters.

How to have a hot water heater system installed?

After choosing the type of heater you require, it is intelligent to compare competitive quotes of different brands, their quality, parts inclusivity, workmanship, value of STCs(Small-scale technology Certificates) offered as government rebate if applicable and after installation services. When faced with a choice among equals, choose the cheapest option otherwise choose the expensive one of a reputable manufacturer which will warrant quality and durability.

Another overhead charge will be of hiring a professional installer. It is wise to hire a licensed plumber or gasfitter. New and upgraded water heater systems should be installed by employing the help who specialises and has experience in installing that system.

Like a solar water heater system installer is more skilled and suitable for installing a solar water heater than a heat pump. In most cases, the shop you buy from will put you in touch with a licensed and specialised installer as mostly seen when one buys an instantaneous water heater.

Making Water Heater Buying an Easy Affair

Armed with these pointers of water heater selection, the seemingly difficult process of selection is eased. With an outlook of research-before-buying, the bewilderment caused by the different varieties of water heater available will be less daunting. The water heater you buy should save and be a cost-friendly convenience and an environment-friendly appliance. It should be a smart choice personally, socially and environmentally.

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