Wilson Hot Water System Range

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Wilson Hot Water System Range

High Quality, Long Service Life Vessels

The Wilson hot water system range story started in 1930 manufacturing low pressure water heaters for people’s homes. Word of our robust design (a product we still make) soon got around and a whole range of industries came knocking on our door. The demand was fast, the company grew quickly and Wilson’s reputation for getting the job done was born.

Here are some of the hot water systems that we have at Wilson.

1. Wilson A5 Instantaneous

This is one of the water heaters that offer a continuous flow of hot water and is powered by electricity. As compared to most heaters, this one does not use a lot of energy and will only do so when necessary.

The Wilson A5 Instantaneous do not need any form of storage. Instead, it will use its heating mechanisms to warm the water as it flows through its systems. Moreover, this heater does not need any form of water saving tools.

This water heater comes in three different models namely; 18, 20, and 23 amps. This therefore facilitates many activities in your home and other large institutions.

2. Wilson Electronic Cuppa

The Wilson Electric Cuppa hot water system, as its name suggests, relies on electricity for its powering. Some of its main features include:

– Has a stainless steel tank that can hold up to 10 litres;
– It is automatic;
– Comes in around 13 different models that suits most requirements;
– Has a one-year warranty;
– You can choose from the various colors available;
– Suitable for kitchens and restaurants;
– Easy to service; and
– Little maintenance needed.

3. Wilson Refresh

The Wilson Refresh is a hot water system with a single tap. The system heats water in advance and waits for its use thereby making it suitable for use in some homes and offices.

The manufacturer of this product focused on making sure that it is easy for the user to operate. Embraces the latest technology and has a high-quality design that ensures the product lasts for as long as possible.

Above all, the product meets the required standards in Australia. Some of its main features include:

– An auto sleep mode;
– Requires little maintenance;
– Has a filter change LED light;
– Operating it is easy;
– Made in Australia; and
– Available in about 7 different combinations.

4. Wilson Super X Instantaneous

This is one of the most flexible instantaneous hot water heaters. Installing it is very easy given that it does not need an expansion valve. The system also consumes less energy as it will only heat the water when you require it to. Given that it has no storage system; the heater will heat water passing over its heating features not to mention that it has additional safety features.

The Wilson Super X can heat water to over 40 degrees Celsius and is therefore suited for use in places such as factories, apartments, small residential places, shops and other temporary accommodation units.

If you are looking for a specific system not listed above, call us today and speak with an expert.

Leading Wilson Hot Water System Repair & Installation Company

Here at Anytime Hot Water, we can assist those who have Wilson hot water systems installed. We have a broad range of compatible parts, allowing us to repair systems – and therefore preventing the need to replace a unit that still capable of functioning for a few more years.

Whether your unit has stopped working, or is leaking, our friendly, professional staff will be able to find a solution in most cases. As a mobile service, we carry plenty of parts with us, and we can therefore address most issues on the spot.

Should we find your system beyond repair we are able to organise a replacement, and we have a range of different models across an extensive number of reputable brands.

If your Hocking hot water unit is no longer working, all is not lost. For a reliable repairs service, be sure to contact the team here at Anytime Hot Water. We will make every effort to resolve the problem – and we will never leave you without hot water! Call today on 1800 633 920.

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