Solar Hot Water Installer

Solar Hot Water Installer

The Premier Solar Hot Water Installation Company

The use of solar energy to heat your hot water is one of the most efficient ways of harnessing Sydney’s continuing sunshine to drastically reduce your energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are 2 systems which relate to solar water heating

  1. stand-alone installed solar hot water system, or
  2. a heat pump, which heats water using energy from the air.

A stand-alone installed hot water systems solar panels on the roof to capture heat.

A booster is often used with the solar hot water system as a backup to ensure a continual supply of hot water. Heat pumps on the other hand use a small amount of energy, but are decidedly more efficient than a traditional electric water heater.

Anytime Hot Water is an independent Sydney solar hot water installer. The team at Anytime Hot Water install roof-mounted solar hot water systems and heat pumps, based on our local Sydney knowledge and years of experience.

Installed Roof-Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Rheem Stainless Steel & Apricus hot water systems are the premier range of roof-mounted solar hot water systems.

The Rheem Stainless Steel hot water systems were first introduced into Australia in the 1960’s, establishing durability and reliability as one of Australia’s leading hot water system manufacturers.

  • High quality 444 stainless steel
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Great warranty, 7-10 years
  • Range of panels, to provide better efficiency when north-facing panels are not an option
  • Range of colours, to complement your building

Installed Heat Pumps

Heat pumps is an alternative to the roof-mounted solar hot water system when roof space is limited.

Utilising thermal energy transferred from the air and into the water, an installed heat pump efficiently generates hot water with significant household energy savings.

  • User -friendly controller
  • Low noise during operation
  • Holiday mode
  • Power outage memory
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Large temperature operating range
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