Wilson Hot Water Systems

Wilson Hot Water Systems

Genuine, Low-Pressure and Reliable Water Heaters

There are many hot water systems on the market today with different kinds of features. Wilson hot water systems offer genuine and reliable products including pressure vessels and calorifiers, Domestic Solar Ready Tanks (SRT), hot water heaters, and hot water storage. They are all low-pressure heaters meant for both commercial and domestic markets.

Domestic Solar Ready Tanks (SRT)

The Domestic Solar Ready Tanks with a Wilson name have a great reputation in Australia. They have always been at the top for more than 85 years, which they have been in the manufacturing industry. Made from stainless steel because it is resistant to corrosion, strong and durable.

To ensure that their life is long, Wilson uses a high-quality stainless steel and after welding, all vessels are pickled to ensure the removal of scales and discoloration. Later, passivation takes place to make sure that the surface is more resistant to corrosion.

Design and Features

They are fitted with a temperature probe pocket, return ports, and normal cold inlet and hot outlet that has an electric current of 3.6Kw. These tanks work similarly like old electric water heaters. Therefore, in case the old one has failed to work, you can use the ones with the Wilson name.

Because they have an extra flow and return ports these features aid when you are ready to add flat panels or a solar hot water, evacuated tube. Some of the characteristics and the design of these tanks include:

– 10-year warranty;
– solar flow/return ports;
– temperature probe pocket;
– approved watermark;
– polyurethane form insulation;
– 3.6kW element (which is optional); and
– mains pressure stainless steel cylinder-316.

Pressure Vessels and Calorifiers

We also have pressure vessels that are available from 400 liters to 5000 liters. They have a long service life for projects that require storage of a large volume of chilled or hot water and their quality is high.

Design and Features

They are manufactured by a high-grade Duplex 2205 stainless steel and can be heated by a heat pump, solar thermal, a boiler, calorifier coil, electric elements and/or a combination.

Their characteristics and design include an approved watermark, calorifier coils that are available up to 155kW, polyurethane foam insulation, a mains pressure stainless steel cylinder-2205, a tube and bundle heat exchangers designed to suit the application, and they are designed to AS1210.

Hot Water Storage

Just like the pressure vessels and calorifiers, the hot water storage can be heated using a heat pump, solar thermal, a boiler, calorifier coils, electric elements and/or a combination.

The MPS vessel, in this case, are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel and they are available in sizes ranging from 400-2000 liters.

They are designed to AS1210, have a 10-year warranty, an approved watermark, Rockwool insulation, calorifier coils that are available up to 155Kw, a mains pressure stainless steel cylinder-316.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heaters from Wilson are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel and can be found in 3 sizes, 160, 250, and 315 liters.

You can find them in both the storage and electric boosted options.

The cylinder has an outer casing ‘Dune’Colorbond®, 3.6kW element that is optional, a polyurethane foam insulation, an approved watermark, a 10-year warranty, and a mains pressure stainless steel cylinder-316.

Leading Wilson Hot Water System Repair & Installation Company

Here at Anytime Hot Water, we can assist those who have Wilson hot water systems installed. We have a broad range of compatible parts, allowing us to repair systems – and therefore preventing the need to replace a unit that still capable of functioning for a few more years.

Whether your unit has stopped working, or is leaking, our friendly, professional staff will be able to find a solution in most cases. As a mobile service, we carry plenty of parts with us, and we can therefore address most issues on the spot.

Should we find your system beyond repair we are able to organise a replacement, and we have a range of different models across an extensive number of reputable brands.

If your Hocking hot water unit is no longer working, all is not lost. For a reliable repairs service, be sure to contact the team here at Anytime Hot Water. We will make every effort to resolve the problem – and we will never leave you without hot water! Call us today on 1800 633 920.

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