Wilson Hot Water Heaters

Wilson Hot Water Heaters

Low Pressure Water Heaters Meant For Domestic Use

The manufacturing journey for the Wilson Hot Water Heaters begun in 1930 with the creation of low-pressure water heaters meant for domestic use. It was at that time that different industries learned of our robust design and came knocking on our doors. As a result, we experienced a fast demand that made the company grow very fast as Wilson’s reputation became evident due to its capability to get things done.

Ceiling-Mount Hot Water Heaters

The design of Wilson low-pressure electric water heaters facilitates convenient installation in the ceiling space. The supply of these heaters comes as a complete package that consist a polyethylene cold water feed tank (compact), ball valve and a float.

There is also a special cold tank (optional) that allows for an equal flow cold and hot water to the shower. The Wilson units are made from copper and insulated before undergoing encasing using galvanised steel.

Features And Design

– Optional connection for stove and/or solar;
– Heating coil or mains pressure coil;
– High-grade copper cylinder with galvanised outer case; and
– Has a 5-year warranty.

Floor-Mount Hot water Heaters

The design of Wilson low pressure electric water heaters allows them to operate via the overhead cold water feed tank up 7.0 metres (a head pressure). These heaters can be installed at a floor level or in the ceiling.

The positioning of the overhead tank dictates the heater’s flow performance – higher header tanks have better flow rate. Therefore, these heaters require ventilations to the atmosphere.

Solid copper forms the backbone construction material, with colourbond steel outer case used for Wilson floor type hot water system insulation. These water heaters allow for heating using alternative energy solutions including stove and can also be fitted the mains pressure coil.

Wilson Calorifiers/ Marine Hot Water Heaters

These calorifiers / heaters get manufactured in the best (highest) grade – Duplex 2205 stainless steel.

Wilson has specialised in endeavouring to design and manufacture high quality robust products that meet your unique requirements besides guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We aim to ensure that our designs result in a successful outcome that meets the satisfaction of the ship owners. These calorifiers are made from a high-grade stainless steel, and high-quality mechanical and electrical components.

The Wilson electric calorifiers can be used together with the steam heating system for marine application.

Features Of Marine Hot Water Heaters

– Has plug and play controls;
– Has Shell and Tube Calorifiers;
– Availability of horizontal vessels;
– Comes in full package that include skid and pumps;
– Control panel available separately; and
– Availability of dual and electric heating calorifiers.

The Leading Installation & Repair Company For Wilson Hot Water System

Here at Anytime Hot Water offers assistance to anyone with Wilson hot water system installed at their premises. We have a wide range of compatible accessories that allow us to provide repair services, and therefore, preventing unnecessary replacement of units that can still function for a few more years, when repaired.

Our friendly staff will find a solution to your problem. Be it a leaking or dysfunctional unit, they will most likely find a solution. Our services are mobile, ensuring our repair team carries along with them the required accessories, making it possible to help you on the spot.

In case we note that your system can no longer be repaired, we arrange for its replacement using a range of models from reputable brands.

If your Hocking hot water unit is no longer working, all is not lost. For a reliable repairs service, be sure to contact the team here at Anytime Hot Water. We will make every effort to resolve the problem – and we will never leave you without hot water! Call us today on 1800 633 920.

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