Rheem Water Heater Assortment

Rheem Water Heater Assortment

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The Rheem Water Heater Units

Heat pump water heater and electric storage tank together combine to form Rheem water heater assortment. Heat pump water heaters can extract heat away from the air; unlike the air conditioner which puts back the high temperatures into the air, heat pump puts it back the high temperatures into the water with the help of the heat exchanger.

It is expensive to induce humidity by the use of electricity compared to the release of heat away from the air that is much cheaper. Managing the heat pump and electric heating components helps to support heat sources like hot water pump which provides the heating energy. The heating elements help in providing extra hot water once they are turned on, or when needed.

The Rheem water heater assortment unit comes with the following features:

– A warrant of 10-years;
– A 2.0 energy factors (EF); and
– An insulation foam that measures 2-1/2 inch thick.

Its operational extent ranges from 40 to 120 degrees that are built in overheat/freeze security and has an air filter which is washable using heating the pump.

The Functions Of The Operation

The Rheem unit has got the following three functions of the operation.

The “ON”

This function is considered the most cost-effective mode of heating water as it allows you to let it stay in the “ON” mode without interruption. The Rheem company has branded this mode as the ‘Energy saver’ mode.

The “Normal Mode”

This makes the second mode of operation. This mode characteristically utilises the heating and the heat pump components. Unlike the energy saving mode, this mode makes use of more energy but also results in more hot water. While in the Normal mode, the mode utilises the heating unit when the temperature drop hits between 105 and 110 degrees, or when the temperature drop goes below your preset temperature limits on the control panel.

The “Electric Elements Only”

This is the third operation mode. In this mode, As the water pump stops working, the water heater assumes the status of a standard electric heater, implying that if you leave your water heater in the “electric mode only” for two weeks, it automatically reverts to its former settings once the two weeks period lapses.

The “Vacation” Mode

This is the water heater’s fourth mode of operation. While the heater is in this mode, it maintains the temperatures of its water at 90 degrees.

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