Rheem Hot Water Heaters

Rheem Hot Water Heaters

Rheem Hot Water System Solutions

For years now, Rheem hot water heaters have served the Australian customers across the country by supplying them with continuous hot water. Rheem has a solution for all your hot water need. For instance, if you wish to have in place a heating system to serve your domestic or commercial needs, you will always get a Rheem water heater to address that specific need.

The most common hot water system solutions that Rheem offers to its customers include:

1. Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

The company has developed a gas-powered continuous flow water heater whose energy efficiency can be equated to even stars. With its highly efficient design, this heater has become a new benchmark in a continuous flow.

Due to this heater’s capability to give an output of 24 litres of hot water per minute, it is therefore suitable for use in small units, households and commercial establishment that require extensive use of hot water.

The unending gas hot water for a model that is medium tightly-packed capacity is suitable for use at a medium-sized apartment, townhouses that have fixed wall space, and home.

Of all the units offered by the company, Rheem Gas Continuous Flow water heaters are said to be of the highest quality. This heater offers much when you highly need it. It is also known for its potential to offer an uninterrupted flow of hot water. Furthermore, these heaters can be a great solution when used in big bathroom households that are highly space/area-conscious and have huge demands for hot water.

Apartments, site buildings, mobile homes, and the like are some of the ideal places to use this small and compact fully-featured unit referred to as the Rheem accomplishment and dependability.

2. Rheem RTG95 Tankless Water Heaters

The Rheem RTG95 heaters can give an output of up to 9.5 gallons of non-stop hot water per minute. This heating system is also more energy-efficient than the common water tank heaters. These units provide just the required supply of a continuous amount of hot water on 2-2 simultaneous outlets even where the demand for the water is high.

Just imagine doing laundry while warm water runs in your bathtub! Those are just some of the applications of the Rheem RTG95 Tankless Heaters. The kind of performance you get is exceptional, making Rheem become one of the top rated vendors of tankless water heaters in the market.

The RTG95 series of Tankless Water Heaters are available in numerous options to choose from. For instance, indoor options feature direct vent, and outdoor models are working similar to liquid propane as they operate off the gas and a fuel capacity of more than 90%.

This feature makes them get into the class of energy savers (or energy efficient devices). As a result, these heaters have received residential energy tax credit of the federal government. An initiative of the current stimulus package and improving the unit’s savings even though its pricing is already affordable.

Rheem RTG95 series of water heaters are ideal for duplexes, bigger homes and areas that have a single system serving the needs of multiple small apartments. The unit provides for operation via the externally-wired thermostat and with the help of the remote control included in every package.

Apartment owners, plumbing contractors, and residential customers have made products manufactured by Rheem, a must-have brand in their homes and/or works. For instance, once the customers have high hot water needs, they often pick a high-capacity product from Rheem’s RTG95 series.

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