Dux Hot Water Systems

Dux Hot Water Systems

Looking For A Dux Hot Water System Specialist Plumber

The Dux Water Heaters brand has been a major player in the field of water heaters for showers and baths since the year 1915 in Australia.

The company has been offering a wide range of highly reliable and efficient hot water heaters. All the models available with Dux Hot Water Systems have ideal features suitable to the ever-changing temperatures in Australia.

You might be searching for an economical way to have a hot water system for your home. Solar collectors can serve that purpose, but your home might not have the required set up for a solar installation. Dux Airoheat heat-pump then becomes your best choice for all hot water related heating solutions.

Related Benefits with use of Dux Airoheat heat pumps

The water heater has been acclaimed as a most suitable implement and received the most awards, among all the air sourced and heat pump water heating systems. It is environmentally friendly and will save you a lot of costs in terms of energy bills. This is quite true when you compare it with other conventional electric hot water heaters.

The heat pump works by sucking in the surrounding air which is then transferred to carry out the heating of the water stored in a tank. The system uses the same operation mode as that used in a refrigerator but in the reverse. That is heating instead of cooling like in the refrigerator. The Airoheat features a patented heating coil in the tank that allows for a direct heat transfer. This guides against all heat loss possibilities found with most other heat pump systems. It comes with dual anodes that ensure that corrosion does not occur in the tank.

The Dux Airoheat incorporates all functionalities in just one single hot water system. The 250 litres water tank is most suitable for providing enough hot water for homes with a 3-5 people. It conveniently replaces the electric hot water-heaters which have the same inbuilt facilities.

The Dux Company are sure about their products and will offer a 5-year warranty on the hot water tank, 2 years warranty on their refrigeration components and finally a 1-year warranty on the labour and full parts.

Is Dux Airoheat the right heat pump for you?

The market is currently flooded with so many types of hot water heaters systems. It becomes quite hard to establish the best among all of them. The best advice which you can get is to get into contact with the Anytime Hot Water, the hot water specialists who will provide you with all the details. They will make an assessment of your property to assess its suitability for installation.

At Anytime Hot Water, we make it our business to cover you with the best hot-water-heater replacements, repairs, and new installations. We have many years of the industry experience and our plumbers are well equipped with the right knowledge about all hot water brands and units to best suit your property.

Just give a call using number 1800 633 920 today for our local plumber to give you a visit and discuss all your hot water heating requirements. The plumber will further make an assessment to know whether the Airoheat heat-pump is the ideal solution for your needs.

Our company will gladly offer you a free quote without any obligations on your part as regards installation and supply.

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