Bosch Commercial Hot Water Systems

Bosch Commercial Hot Water Systems

Can A Bosch Hot Water System Offer Value For My Money?

If you want an energy efficient hot water system that delivers to your expectations, we strongly recommend Bosch commercial hot water systems. Bosch has been in this trade for over 125 years during which they have continued to produce high quality products for a number of consumers. Bosch keeps its customers in mind whenever they are designing their products. However, to get a hot water system that meets your individual needs, please consider your location, the water quality as well as the desired output when making the final buying decision. With Bosch’s wide range of products, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

If you are in the market for something with a bit of grunt, the Bosch commercial hot water systems series are definitely the perfect fit. In particular, the Bosch 32 Series with a 4.8 energy star rating, is suitable for homes with 3 or more bathrooms. This water system will provide you a consistent water supply and is very efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

– The units can also serve a small business with its own bathrooms
– The commercial models are suitable where heavy duty consumption is needed

Heat Pumps

Because it has a number of business ventures, Bosch provides a wide variety of products. Heat pumps are the other line of products that Bosch is known for. You will experience the same excellence you are used to with the hot water systems in Bosch heat pumps. If you do not know how a heat pump works, just think of a heat pump as the opposite of a fridge. Therefore, while a fridge expels heat, a heat pump expels cold air ensuring the water inside the pump remains warm, even if the temperature outside the unit is cold.

– Heat pumps are very useful to people residing in places with extreme weather conditions. Can work from -7°C to +40°C
– The Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump is eligible for government rebate
– With a storage capacity of 270 litres, the Bosch Compress 3000 model Heat Pump is ideal for households with three to four people

The high cost even with the government rebate may be hard to endure but this should not deter you from investing in the heat pump. Bosch claims that the Compress 3000 model consumes 65% lesser energy compared to ordinary systems and is therefore a better option. This is because you will save money in the future in your energy consumption. In this regard, if you can pay the initial amount, you should not hesitate to go for the Bosch Compress 3000 Hot Water Heat Pump.

Tronic 1000T

With the Tronic 1000T model, Bosch assures customers a solid and reliable hot water system. The vitreous enamel covering of the Tronic 1000T makes it durable in most environments. Additionally, since Bosch produces the Tronic 1000T model in a wide range of dimensions and sizes, there is something for everyone. Single person households will definitely go for the smaller systems while the bigger systems can cater for large family households.

– 80 litres to 400 litres models are available, including slimline modes that provide tight storage spaces.
– Suitable for external as well as internal installations.
– All systems come with a 7-year cylinder warranty, offering you peace of mind.

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