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Why Plumbers Must be Licensed

One of the main things that every customer is asked to look out for when hiring a plumber is if they are licensed.

Well, it makes sense for electricians to have a license since they deal with dangerous gadgets but the question is, does handling water require someone who is licensed too?

The importance of having a licensed plumber is due to the safety aspect.

Before different states passed the licensing of the tradesman, there were various health hazards associated with poor plumbing services such as water contamination, sewerage blockage, and leakage without forgetting pipes bursting and blockage due to poor installation.

Plumbing may seem like an easy job as it requires connection of pipes to allow the flow of the drainage. But the job requires a professional who will be able to choose the quality pipes, cut the pipes in the appropriate sizes and also come up with the right methods to connect the pipes to ensure they work well. Also, other sectors in the same profession require training such as the connection of hot showers, toilets, and hot water systems.

Importance of a license to a plumber.

For a plumber to perform all the above duties and more in Australia or any other state, they have to have a license whereby they have to register their company with the government bodies before receiving the licensing. For you to obtain the license, the government authority has to vet you and agree to the fact that you have enough knowledge and experience to handle any work related to plumbing.

A license also shows that you have both formal and practical training in this field.

Jobs that the plumbers get licensed for.

  • General plumbing services like installations and repairs.
  • Hot water systems installation and repair.
  • Rainwater tank installation and piping.

Types of licensed plumbers

Open/ unrestricted or restricted license.

A plumber can be issued with an open license or a restricted license. An unrestricted or open license allows the plumber to perform all the plumbing activities while a restricted permit does not allow the plumber to complete all the plumbing activities.

Contractor and supervisor license.

This involves the customer choosing a company to work with on a contract basis, but you also have to allow the supervisor to examine the work done by the plumber. Before you select any of the above-licensed plumbers, it is essential that you read about the terms and conditions related to their work in different services at

Tips for choosing a licensed plumber.

Before hiring a plumber, ensure their license is valid, and they should provide the license when you meet for a consultation. Let them give you a copy of the certificate of compliance since it protects you in the case where the installation does not work as per the agreement.

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