Gas Water Heater Installation

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Gas Water Heater Installation

How to Install a Gas Water Heater


Uninstalling an Old Gas Water Heater

First, check if the venting is functioning. To do this, turn on all gas appliances and exhaust fans then decrease the tank temperature for a few minutes. Once you do this, hold an extinguished matchstick close to the hood. If the smoke flows towards the hood, then the venting is proper. If not, then the venting has a problem and you need to seek help from a professional.

Use a pressure relieve gauge to check pressure. The right amount of pressure should be between 50 and 60 psi.

Turn off the gas and disconnect the gas pipe. Detach the venting. Open a hot water faucet and let it run till the water cools. Shut off the cold water supply and drain the tank. Once the tank is empty, remove the discharge pipe from the Temperature and Pressure Relieve (TMP) Pump. Disconnect the water supply pump and remove the old tank.

Installing a New Heater

Set it on a drain pump and route it to a drain in case of flooding. Install the discharge pump to the TMP relieve valve. Use a flexible hose kit to hook up the water. Importantly, use plumbers tape for all fitting threads. If required, install seismic straps and secure the tank firmly to the wall.

Remove the aerator from the closest faucet and open the hot side. Turn on the cold water supply and ensure that there are no leaks. Let the water fill the tank. There should be water running from the faucet when the tank fills. Let it run for a while to remove air.

Fix the venting to the exhaust hood. Connect the gas line using the gas hose to the control valve.

The tank’s control knob should be off. Once more, check for leaks. To turn on the system, rotate the control knob to pilot and press it while simultaneously pressing the ignite button. The light should flicker. The ideal temperature setting should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Perform the vent test.

Lastly, position the air filter and after a short while check if the pressure has increased by checking for a leaking pipe. It is also important to have a carbon monoxide detector near the heater.

As you can see, installing a gas water heater is easy and fast. After all, drinking warm water has its own health benefits.

Consequently, isn’t it just easier to turn on a hot bath in the morning before rushing off to work?

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