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Preventing a Plumbing Emergency

In a normal household, a plumbing emergency can occur.

It can be quite stressing and costly to call out a plumbing emergency service company especially if it has occurred during odd hours or days when you cannot get hold of a plumber. However, it is possible to avoid having plumbing emergencies by just doing simple routine maintenance practices. The following are ways of preventing a plumbing emergency:

Maintain the drainsBlocked drains are among the most common plumbing emergencies in many homes. Blocked drains causes water to overflow or sewer back up to your house or the garden causing damages and creating health risks.

To avoid these kind of emergencies, proper maintenance of your drains should be done. For instance, you should not allow oil, grease, food, hair and other debris to go down your drains. You should throw them outside instead to avoid clogging your drain. Also, flush toilet paper because it is soft and cannot cause clogging.

As a precautionary measure, you should not plant new trees near your plumbing lines because their roots can cause blockages. If you already have invasive trees, you should cut them down before they damage your drains.

Plumbing Emergency Service Tip – Check out the leaks….

Check for leaks regularly because the leak may turn out to be a big problem in future. A loose or leaking pipe or a worn out washer may be some of the causes of a small leak. Don’t under estimate any small leak because you could eventually have water gushing all over your house!

Alternatively, you can hire a professional plumber to check any leaks in your home. There are leak detection technologies which can detect the small hidden leaks which are hard to detect. Hiring a professional could be the right thing after all if you don’t know how to check for leaks.

Also, if you spot damp or mould in your home, get a plumber immediately because that could be a small leak developing with time.

Find where the pipes in your home runThis is important if you are planning to carry out digging, drilling or renovations in your home. Knowing where the pipes run in your home helps you avoid damaging or cutting them when carrying out other renovations. It may also help you determine if trees in your home are a threat to your pipes so that you can act accordingly.

Know where to turn the water offAs a homeowner, you should easily locate the main valve in your home. This is important to turn the water off to avoid flooding or any other damages in case of an emergency. When you’ve turned the main valve off, you can then wait for a plumber knowing the water won’t cause any more damages.

Be quick to call an emergency plumber when you have an emergency to reduce damages. You don’t have to just sit waiting for a plumber to come fix the problem. if you have some skills in plumbing, you can try fixing the problem to reduce damages.

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