Bosch Gas Hot Water Systems

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Bosch Gas Hot Water Systems

Bosch Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

The Bosch gas hot water system is one of the latest around and the most energy efficient. This will help save money in the long run. There is a two-year warranty on all models that will include parts as well as labour. There is even a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger. This is well above industry standards and show that Bosch is willing to stand behind their products.

We have been providing hot water to both residential and commercial clients for over 60 years. Bosch is one of the main companies in both the Australia as well as the international market. This company uses the latest technology in all sectors including providing hot water. Bosch is one of the leaders in hot water technology and the company uses the latest innovations.

Bosch OptiFlow

Bosch uses the latest technology and this can be seen in the Optiflow system. Each model has a six-star rating and has solar compatibilities. This will help save water and will help save money on the utility bill.

The Optilow models are meant for lower flow rate systems as well as combustion management systems.

There are four different control options and a customer can get additional accessories as well.

Bosch has created some new things in the industry and is the first company to use a Bluetooth connection with the Premium Model Optiflow. This is fancy for a hot water system and will allow a person to have additional control. Besides Bluetooth there are other options including mechanical and condensing ranges.


The mechanical hot water system has three different models. There is the Pilot Ignition, the Internal Compact, and the Hydropower. Each model can heat up to two bathrooms and is suited for the average household. They can heat the water that is required for household use without a problem.

The Pilot Ignition is great for those that are just looking for the basics and will meet basic needs.

The Internal Compact has a higher star rating but it is more expensive than the basic models.

The Hydropower will help save you money since it uses its own voltage to heat up water and no outside source is needed.

The Mechanical model are good for the average home and provides enough power to heat the water without running up the utility bill.

Bosch Condensing

If you are looking for a water system that is more advanced the Bosch Condensing Range can help. There is a second condensing heat exchanger which allows for constant water flow. These models have a number of different controllers as well as accessories allowing the consumer to have complete control of their system.

This is one of the more expensive models but will help a consumer save a great deal of money on their energy bill.

This product has one of the highest energy efficient ratings. The C21 model has a rating of 6.9 stars which is one of the highest in the industry.

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